Two Theme Parks?


We are going on a very short trip in January. . . we are only purchasing 2 day passes,magic your way, with no park hopping. Jordan, my daughter, is 6 and she has been 3 times already, so need to decide on the two parks we should do. . .what would you do?


First off which parks has she been to? If you said MK, then I would say still go to MK and then go to DHS. The new TSM ride is quite a big hit! I would also look to find which parks have EMH.


I think MK is a given, trying to decide between DHS and the AK. What is the new ride at DHS?


With only two days and a six year old, I would go to MK and Epcot. They are two parks that you can easily spend the entire day at and still have stuff to do. AK and MGM are not open to close parks and I think your passes will be wasted. If Epcot is not for you, go to MGM which takes a little more time to tour than AK.


I agree with Jennatrz, you have to go to MK and we had such a good time at TSM @DHS and the block party parade was a blast.


I agree! Epcot is my DD8 and DD4 favorite park! You have the full living seas to explore, Nemo ride, turtle talk with crush . . . innovations east and west (both with new attractions) soarin’, figment, club cool, Spaceship Earth, Test Track, etc.

Then as you travel “around the world” she will be able to meet and greet all her favorite characters and make a kidcot mask . . . lots of fun, and like Dana said a FULL DAYS WORTH! :happy:


MK and DHS. :biggrin:


I’d vote MK and Epcot.

Are you keeping a running total :laugh:


MK and NOT AK. I’m stuck between EP and HS.


It would all depend on the child. If they are animal lovers I don’t see how you could pass up AK and of course MK> With my kids it would have been MGM and Epcot!


My daughter who is also 6 and almost lives in WDW :rolleyes: fav parks are MK and Epcot


MK, without a doubt. :mickey:

EpCot would be my vote…Living Seas, Turtle Talk, passport and mask making, fun, educational, street performances, good food, relaxing and enjoyable for parents too… :wink:


MK and Epcot - without a doubt! my girls are 5 and almost 8 - and those would be their choices for sure! have fun!!!


MK and DHS would get my vote… AK is marvelous, but I would still choose DHS to get into Muppetvision, Beauty & Beast, Toy Story Mania, Great Movie Ride and Fantasmic!, plus all those cool things to see in the parade!


Toy Story Mania is the new ride at DHS…it is very popular. I haven’t seen it.
I would probably do MK and Epcot as there is more to do at both places.


Of course MK and I would have to say Epcot. I think there is more for a 6yr old to do there.


MK and AK. My family loves looking at all the animals, there are some pretty fun rides and attractions


I would have to say MK and DHS. DHS also has the new Playhouse Disney and the Block Party and Toy Story Mania.


I have to say MK and Epcot for the reaons already given. Both are all day parks with tons of things to see and do. Lots of choices to eat too.


MK and DHS.
AK isn’t open past 5 during winter months and Epcot might be a little too serious if you’ve only got two days and you’re not hopping. But even this depends on what days you’re there as DHS doesn’t do Fantasmic every night, only nights they are open until 9. If timing doesn’t work right, for DHS, then of course it’s going to be MK and Epcot.