Two Weeks From Tonite


We will be in WDW!!! Sorry, just really excited as the wind blows and its 13 degrees outside, can’t believe I will be there in just two weeks. Gosh, I need to get packing!!! :eek:


I know how you feel. I have a little over 2 months and I can’t wait.


Me too!! I will be there too!!


four months for me. cant wait .


We just got back and won’t be going anytime soon. But…I am sooo happy for you. You’ll have a great time. I know how excited you are. Wishing you all the best and a magical visit. Yeahhhh you.


Wow just 2 weeks!!! I wish I could go too! I still have 2 months (give or take a week) we are going on 3/13 - 3/21…but I keep coming to this site because I can’t wait!!!


I have two weeks and two days . . . and it can’t come fast enough . . . I so need a Disney fix! :blink:


Good for you…I remember the excitement!


I will be there also.


I’ve learned that putting the “wait time” in weeks rather than in days makes it seem so much closer. I was thinking the other day that I had 49 days to go before our next trip but then I thought, hey, that’s only 7 weeks!!:ohmy:

Have a great time.


Have a great trip everyone. I am excited for you. Start packing!!


Hooray! :happy: It’s coming so fast!

I hear ya…I haven’t even started packing, and I’m only 10 days away! :pinch: :eek:



Save some fun for the rest of us.


SO Exciting!! Sit back and enjoy that anticipation, it will be here before you know it.


How exciting! This is my “normal” time of the year to go- I would wake every morning and look at the bags that had been packed for over a month already and do the happy dance! Good luck at staying calm


Well, can’t be too excited at home – just me and my daughter are going to wDW with my mom – my two sons and their father are heading north ice fishing. . . which they are excited about - but nothing compares to WDW