Type of Beds in DVC Rooms


Do any of the DVC resort rooms have two queen beds? In our recent trip to Arizona using DSIL’s timeshare, the one bedroom suite only had a pull out couch. Doesn’t work too well when the matress is paper thin, and I have two teenage boys, one 6’, and the other 6’2" tall. We are going to Disney next year for Spring break, so want to get a room that is comfortable for all.


What type of room are you booking? I think the studios at OKW all have 2 queen beds but the other resorts have a queen and pull out in studios.

I will say that the pull out beds in the studios on the DVC resorts we’ve stayed in are very nice. They aren’t the metal frame/thin mattress that you see in older style pull outs. I would sleep on the sofa bed in any of the rooms we’ve had (BWV, BCV, and SSR).


Right now we have BLT studio reserved. I’m assuming with everything being so new, if they did have a pull out, it would be more comfortable than where we stayed. But I did promise the boys I would check, seeing they were so miserable that entire week.


I’ve never stayed at BLT but we’ve always had nice pull outs in the studios we’ve stayed in


OKW has two beds and not the pull out couch in the studio. It’s a big plus for me and DD when we travel. As much as we like SSR, the pull out was a big deal breaker for DD…


When I stayed at SSR earlier this year, I found it more comfortable to sleep on the pull out in its sofa state. I never pulled it out after the first night. But I will agree that even pulled out, it was more comfortable than other pull out sofas I have slept on. My dad (who is 6’1) slept on it pulled out one night and didn’t seem to mind.


In OKW, there are two Queen beds. In all other studios, there is a Queen bed And a full size sleeper sofa. Which is VERY comfy, I might add.


I ended up splitting my reservation today. We had the entire week at BLT, but the boys really wanted AKV. So, to get the best of both worlds, I kept two days BLT MK view studio, and then switched the remainder of the week to a one bedroom villa at AKV. The CM told me the one bedrooms still have a pull out, but its a queen size, rather than a full.


Most one-bedrooms have a bedroom with a king-size bed, and a living room with a queen-size sleeper sofa. The newer villas, like the ones in Kidani Village at AKL, also have a single pull-out couch.

The only studios with two queen-size beds are those at OKW. All others have one queen-size bed and one full-size sleeper sofa. Some villas (newer DVC resorts) have daybeds/single pull-outs.

Two-bedroom vacation homes have a bedroom with a king-size bed, a living room with a queen-size sleeper sofa, and a second bedroom with either two queen-size beds or one queen-size bed and a full-size sleeper sofa (depending on whether you get a connecting one-bedroom/studio, or a true two-bedroom).