Typhoon Lagoon Crowds Weather Late Feb. Early March


We are arriving 2/24 with water park and more. Does anyone have any experience with Typhoon Lagoon with the crowds and weather during this time with shortened hours and Blizzard Beach closed.


Depending on the weather, the park hours/attendance can vary greatly. This week, the weather is in the 80s so Typhoon Lagoon has likely seen the most attendance since November. But even on a very warm winter day, with one park closed, you might only see about a third of the parks capacity.

When the weather drops below 60s, I heard the park usually closes due to lack of attendance. A few times this winter I heard from cast members that there were only a few families in the parks on a given day. If the attendance is fair, the hours are 10am - 5pm.

Even on a 95 degree day during Thanksgiving week, my family and I pretty much had Blizzard Beach to ourselves. Typhoon Lagoon is a lot smaller, but I’m sure it will be mostly empty until spring break.

Hope this helps! I LOVE TL! I worked at the water parks last summer and I cannot wait until photopass goes back there at the end of march!


It’s been cool this winter.
Last weekend it was in the 40s and 50s, not water park weather at all.
They’re talking about low 80s during the day all week however.
Night temps upper 50’s to 60.
I wouldn’t expect heavy crowds.


We are there mid - March and my concern is the fact that Blizzard Beach will be closed. . .

I have been to TL when the crowds are huge. . .lines are long.


Thanks. Ill be there Thursday. I bought the water parks option because we love them. TL is my favorite, I just wanted to see how it changed with BB closed and lower howers.

Lots of Kids off this week, but we have 4 days next week as well. Hope to do it 2-3 times in an 8 night vacation.