Typhoon Lagoon EMH


Are there any days where TL will be having EMH in the month of September? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It seemed like our last trip to TL in April of 07, they had morning EMH almost every day.


We were wondering the same thing…we have always gone in Sept. and both water parks used to open at 9 am for EMH every day. Maybe part of the cutbacks?


I was just on their page.

Here is a link that you can change the dates and it will show you the park hours and any EMH or LMH. Hope it helps you.
Parks Hours | Calendars | Walt Disney World Resort


We’re a little upset that there are no magic hours for TL…our last trip there we got so much done in that one hour! Thanks for the link, though!


Last time we went to TL for EMH and did all the slides and the shark swim 2x.