Typhoon Lagoon height requirements


We’re thinking of going to Typhoon Lagoon during our WDW stay next month (so close!). Our girls (ages 4 and 2) will love the kiddie area, Castaway Creek, and wave pool. I’m wondering if we can take them on the family tube slides. Both are little thrill seekers so they’d really enjoy it I’m sure. I searched the WDW site and the only mention of height requirements were for Humunga Kowabunga (48" or taller) and Ketchakiddie Creek (48" or shorter). Has anyone been on Gang Plank Falls, for example, with little ones? Or do you know of any height requirements? Thanks in advance!!


They can go on the family raft ride with you, no problem. They can go on the storm slides, too if they are brave enough. BTW, you can get life jackets for them to use there for free, you just have to leave an I.D. for one. The wave pool is great because there is a little slide right next to it for them to play on also. I Think they have to be 36" to go down the tube slides. On the lazy river, you can hold them on your lap if they aren’t big enough to hang onto there own tube without falling through. Have a great time.


Thanks karliebug! I didn’t know about the life jackets and the little slide next to the wave pool. My husband and I went once years ago before we had children and didn’t really pay attention to the things geared toward kids. I’m psyched about all of us doing the family raft ride now!


I am a fan of typhoon lagoon and I saw a lot two year and three year olds get on the tube rides and I do know that they can also wear swimmies also. Hope you and your family have an awesome time at typhoon lagoon. I know we did.


That’s great to hear, donaldschick. My girls love swimming, sprinklers, anything to do with water. Last year at Downtown Disney they had tons of fun running through the water fountains. Heck, they even got a kick out of taking baths in a different tub at our hotel. I’m sure they’ll LOVE the tube rides. Can’t wait!!


The one thing to note is WDW is militant regarding height requirements. Your kids will be measured on any ride with a height requirement if he/she is even close. We went on one ride with my son who was tall enough but just barely and he was measured each and every time regardless on the cast member on duty. Actually I was pleased that they are militant.


Thanks, skwak. I’m glad about the militant thing, too. I can’t imagine if their height requirement wasn’t met and then something awful happened.

My older daughter also barely met the requirement on Splash Mountain last year. I think she was measured at two different points in the same line. She was too short for Primevial Whirl but handled that well. It sounds like there will be plenty to keep both girls busy at Typhoon Lagoon!


Last year, DD was too short for Primeval Whirl and is so excited to do it in December.

As for TL, it’s a GREAT park for little kids. We took DS when he was 3 1/2 and he loved it.

For any of the slides that require “swimming ability,” wearing the life-vest will probably be mandatory.

I actually wish the family raft at TL was a bit longer, but there’s a photographer at the top and that was one of the better family pics that we took home. We got the “cheap” package with 4 wallets and two magnet frame holders for the fridge. I see that pic every day and it makes me smile.

Castaway Creek is addictive. I could just lie on my tube and go round and round all day. :wink:

In the end, I wouldn’t worry about the height requirements. There will be plenty to do for all to enjoy. :mickey:


After reading everyone’s comments, I’m so glad we decided to go to TL. We were debating whether to save our “plus” options on our park hopper plus tickets for when the kids get older, they’d have lots of fun at the resort pool anyway, etc. But I think we’ll all have a GREAT time and we’re all so excited to go!!

MerlinMatt, I was happy to read there’s a photographer there. I love getting those official photos! The look of pure joy on my older daughter’s face going down Splash Mountain for the first time is just priceless.