Typhoon Lagoon in May?


Tentatively planning our trip, we’re wondering about water parks the middle May, as far as temperatures are concerned. Hot enough most of the time then for a day at Typhoon Lagoon? DD likes it best and I understand the rehab will be finished by then…


May is a great time for waterparks!! May weather is perfect! Hot (but not much humidity) during the day, and the water parks are a great way to cool off. All our Disney vacations have been in May and we’ve never missed a day at the waterpark due to weather!!

You’ll have a great time!!


The weather in April is usually pretty outstanding, so I’m sure you’ll be just fine in May. Have fun.


Done Typhoon Lagoon in May 3 times. Great.

I did usually look at the local weather one on-site, and we would go the “hottest” day expected during our trip. That was usually a day in the low to mid 80’s. I thought it was perfect.


You will have great weather!! Expect 80 degrees easily. One of the best things about May is the waterparks won’t be too crowded.


I understand ALL WDW pools are heated.


We went to Typhoon Lagoon in early April and the weather was perfect. We are going to WDW in March and TL re-opens after rehab on the day we hop on a plane to come home. Very disappointing but there’s always next time. If you have not been before you a in for a treat. Hope you have a fabulous time.


We go all the time in May and the TL is awesome. The only pool that was freezing was Shark Reef. It was so cold that my DS had trouble breathing through the snorkal so we had to get out. The weather is awesome, low to mid 80’s. Most of the attractions were pretty much walk on or a very, very short wait. We always hit TL in the morning. We noticed the crowds would get heavier around 1-2:00 when we were leaving. I think people hit the main parks in the morning and the go to the water parks in the afternoon for a break.


We’ve been to the water parks at the end of May, but also the middle of March. Both were fine, though in May the sun was a little more intense. We always do the shark tank at TL, keep in mind, that tanks always going to be cold for the fish/sharks. It’s amazing though…one of our most favorite things to do at that waterpark.


May will be great for TL! We were lucky this past Christmas week- we actually had warm enough weather for BB.


May is PERFECT water park weather! We will be at TL in May too, I can’t wait! :happy: