Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?


I haven’t been to the Water Parks in well over twenty years…and at that time TL and River Country were the only options.

Which of the two water parks would you recommend for adults only, and why. …not sure we will go but…just thinking about it for this upcoming trip. We are two adults who do not like thrill rides…wave pool, lazy river, simple water slides…but that’s about it…

I wish they offerred a partial day ticket…as in after 3 or something…but that’s only for FL residents.

Anyone have a favorite water park and why? :cool:


Typhoon Lagoon always seem more popular to me which means more crowds. Seeing the wave pool there is too intense for me and having to deal with more people, we usually choose Blizzard Beach. But honestly both offer many fun areas so I think you can flip a coin and enjoy your day with whichever one you choose.


Thanks…I will check out what Blizzard Beach has online since I have never been…I’m not sure yet we will go—it’s so expensive for a few hours—I really remember it being more “reasonably priced” as it relates to prices 20 years ago…still–it is something we haven’t done in a long long time.

Maybe I can check out the crowd records on Touring plans to get an idea of which will be more crowded while we are there…


We’ve only done Typhoon Lagoon as BB just doesn’t appeal to us. We LOVE the lazy river and wave pool at TL.


Well…I just checked the hours for the water parks while we are there, and they close at 6PM…I didn’t even think to check that first…

That may make a difference—although I guess we could go first thing in the morning for part of the day, and then come back shower and hit a park for the evening…

I guess the hours change because the local guests are back in school by the end of August…


I like Typhoon Lagoon better, primarily because it feels more like a destination than “just a water park” to me, if you know what I mean. Lots of greenery and most of the slides are a little more laid back…even when I was younger I didn’t particularly love getting bruised and having my bones rattled on Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach. Haha