Typhoon Lagoon Pricing


Does anyone know what the gate price for one day for a resort guest is ???
I thought they discount resort guests? Thanks Gang …


We were just there today!! I believe it is $40-45 per person per day. Good reason to add waterpark option!!


AP holders and DVC members can save $4 I think but I’ve not heard that resort guests get a discount.


Thanks Billi …
We were there in 09 and they asked if we were staying at one of the resorts… They took off a few bucks. I thought that might have been a one time deal. We only planned one day for TL. We are budgeting our BEER money for that day !!! :laugh:


I’m hoping they do Steph … I could use that $4 - 5 for a nice cold beverage (…or two)!!! :eek: