Typhoon Lagoon Questions for you


OK…we have finally decided to spend one of our days at Typhoon Lagoon next month. But I have a few more questions for those of you who have been there before.

First, what is the best chill spot:cool:? I know there has to be a few of you out there that know the best place to park ourselves once we get there…so give it up!:tongue: :laugh:

Second, where is the best place to grab lunch while we are there and any recommendations?

This will be our first time there and I’m an overplanner, so researching is my only release! Help!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Hi Motto…
Be sure to grab a spot in the shade… it’s important. We really enjoy the Storm Slides and also the Shark Tank, so we grab shady spots by Typhoon Tilly’s, which is near those attractions and also has the most amazing Chicken Caesar Salad in the world! Also great french fries! To get to it, HEAD TO THE RIGHT as you enter and come down the hill…

If you have very tiny kids who will want to be at Ketchakiddie Creek, the little kids’ area, grab a shady spot at that end of the park. To get there, HEAD TO THE LEFT as you enter and head down the hill!

When you need to navigate the park, and you don;t want to carry a sopping wet map, just get in the lazy river… but remember the entrance that is near your chairs! You can get in and get out fo the lazy river as you get next tot he slides you want to try!

Also, when the Big Waves are going on, you will hear the steam horm and everyone in the wave pool will scream! It’s hilarious! So much fun… get over to the wave pool right away and hop in!

Be sure to try all the slides… and the new Crush & Gusher, which is a water coaster that I have never had the pleasure of experiencing!!!

As for towels and lockers and all that jazz… they are all available at the top of the hill on the right as you enter the park. Put everything in the locker, except for a small amount of cash and a credit card. You can rent the towels and leave your suntan lotion, coverups, sandals, etc. at the chair. At the shop, they sell little waterproof cases you wear around your neck… totally slide-proof, so put your $$$ in it and you are all set for the day!

Water shoes or flip-flops are a must here, since the sidewalks can be rough.

And finally, watch out for the wedgie you are guaranteed to get on the Humunga Kowabunga!!!


Thanks so much MissDisney! My boys are 13 & 14, they really want to do the shark reef thing, so I think thats a great location too.

I guess there is different points of entry for the lazy river, so I’ll have to remember where we are so I won’t be lost at sea!:laugh: :pirate: :laugh:

My DH loves Chicken Caesar, so I’m glad to hear its good!


I have always went with my mom and she doesnt partake in the waterparks so I leave a couple things with her while DD and I roam the park! :laugh: Everything else goes in the locker. If you dont mind spending the extra $$ ($5 I think), rent a towel so you dont have to worry about toting your soggy towel back to the hotel, unless you dont care then bring your own. Ohh, we usually plop ourselves on a chair on the sandy area by the wave pool, that is my DD’s fave place out of the whole park!
We ate at typhoon tilly’s last year and it was really good! You can get a TL mug and get free refills all day if your not on the DDP, we were on the DDP and had 1 drink 'cuz the drinks came with our meal, the mug’s come with a scan bar that you scan at the drink refill spot to get your refills.

I highly recommend watershoes for the park! I dont like walking barefoot in places like that, the ground and wooden bridges can be rough on your footsies!

Also, dd and I tried Crush n Gusher last year! It was good but it’s very PAINFUL!!! In between each section of tubes is a black conveyor type of belt, and DD and I both got our butts and back hurt on them!! We did the double rafts, that was the only way she would come on the ride with me as she was scared (she’s 8).

DD and I love TL and we love going there every year on our trip!!! :cool:


MissDisney already gave you fantastic directions (so did Val!) but I’ll give my 2 cents…

…if you arrive early, I recommend picking UN-shaded chairs that are near a tree, in the direction that the sun will be rising. People will be picking the already-shaded chairs, but you’ll find that later in the day (when you return to your chairs wet and tired) your chairs will be in the shade, and other people will suddenly be getting the sun! :pinch: :tongue:

…eat light while you are there. Either bring your own small lunch (sandwiches and fruit is enough) or split some counter service food among your family. One thing I know for sure is that swimming makes you HUNGRY - and likely to eat too much, which results in nasty stomachaches. :blow:

We like to eat light snacks while we are there, just keep our tummies satisfied, and then have a big dinner after we leave the park. (We LOVE doing the Hoop-De-Doo on our Typhoon Lagoon day! :happy: That way we really work up an appetite!)

Also, definitely plan on bringing flip flops or water shoes. The pavement gets hot…and it’s always slimy. Ew! Whichever you choose, remember to take them off and hold them tightly over your chest when you go down slides. If you haven’t yet broken in a pair of water shoes, then I recommend going with flip flops. It can take a while to break in a pair of water shoes, and sometimes they can cause open sores or blisters after they get wet and sandy. :sad:


Thanks for asking these questions. I have never been to the water parks and have to do a bit of research on them so DBF and the kids can pick the best one for them. they are heading there our first full day at WDW in October.


Thanks for tip on the Un-shaded chairs dznygrl. Thats definitely something I would not have thought of!

I love the Hoop dee do too!


Awesome tips!!

Dizzygirl knows her waterpark stuff! LOL!


most of all, just have fun…that is a great waterpark


GREAT TIPS!!! THANKS!!! We’ll be doing water parks for the 1st time in April - these tips are great!


Are the water parks that much fun where it makes it worth the time to leave one of the four parks?


YES!!! I think of it as a nice relaxing day to enjoy the water, in the park. I take my time there and do things at a leisurely pace!
Another thing is not every stand or food booth takes CC’s, CASH ONLY! When we arrived at TL last year, I didnt have much cash on me and I needed water shoes for DD, so the 1st thing I see is the TL refillable mugs, I buy one… pay cash… then we come across the water shoes and it was CASH ONLY! That used up all my cash!!! I was sooo mad!!! :angry: I dont like to carry around too much cash when Iam in the park, but here you have to get cash before you arrive!!! i wish they had the bracelet system like at the six flags water park hurricane harbor. You go and put a certain amount of money into a bracelet and use the bracelet all day to pay for things. Like say you put $40 down on the bracelet, you then have $40 to spend and you dont have to dont anything around. It’s a waterproof paper bracelet with some kind of scan bar for each stand to scan when you go to pay, very cool system!! :cool:

Another thing I might add, DD and I did the family tube ride last year at TL and you know how big those rafts are, right? Well you have to carry it YOURSELF through the line and even up stairs!!! :eek: Luckily the guys behind me helped me as I was holding up the line! :blush: It was only me and DD so it was rather difficult for me to carry!


:blush: I think my withdrawal has made me even more obsessive than before. I practically study my past trips and think of what I would have done different. :laugh: Help, I need to go back to WDW or I’m going to drive myself completely nuts!


No question! I know it’s a hard decision for first-time visitors to WDW, but it is definitely a great day of incredible theming and Disney fun!


Dana, you might like TL the best, since October means NJ winter is coming! You will get your fill of snow soon! :laugh:


You’ve pretty much convinced me! I need to get to a water park! :laugh:

Seriously - we always think that, too…do we really want to take a break from the parks for a water park…but, you always have such GREAT, FUN, FANTASTIC things to say - I think I’ll have to try it!