Typhoon Lagoon- Where should we eat?


We are going to our first trip to Typhoon Lagoon … I know … I should have checked it out since this is my 6th trip to Disney in a row. But there is soooo much to do there. Anywho, I have no idea where to eat there, somewhere we can get a good meal, maybe sit down. Thanks!


The water parks have mainly fast food restaurants but there are some choices. Look over teh menu and decide what you’re hungry for.

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


If you want a Mid afternoon break, consider the walk arcoss the street to DTD. The market place is alitte far, but Westside is def. do-able. Wolfgang Express is super!


Both water parks have one counter service location each, located close to the park entrance. I’m not sure about Typhoon Lagoon, but the one at Blizzard Beach is not air conditioned, although most of the seating is covered.
Yes, you could grab the bus to DTD or if youhave a car, drive over there. But really, once you’re in your swim suits and wet, do you really want to dry off, leave the park, eat somewhere else, and then return?


CS at Typhoon Lagoon is pretty good and fast, but I dont remember any sit down venues?


Have the Chicken Caesar Salad at Typhoon Tillie’s over by the Shark Reef. It’s one of our favorite foods in all of WDW! In fact, all Typhoon Tillie’s food is yummy and you can sit at great tables under shade! The fries are fresh and salty. Yum.


We were happy with a few giant turkey legs and drinks to get us through the morning. Just have a good breakfast before you go (go early to TL) and leave mid-afternoon and have a late lunch.


yeah, there are no Table service meals at the waterparks, BUT I felt like the food at the waterparks was actually really good for fast food!! Typhoon Tilleys is really good and so is the main restaurant! From what I remember they have good choices!


What we usually do is have a good breakfast at the resort, a small lunch at TL (we get the hot dogs at the little hot dog truck) and then have an ADR at great meal for an early dinner (usually at one of the resorts). The food at TL, as mentioned, is pretty good to be fast food.


Mmmmmmm this has me hungry for our May trip :slight_smile: