Typhoon Lagoon


Hello all! Getting ready to go to Disney again!! Cant get enough of this place! Anyways, looking for suggestions for a day at Typhoon Lagoon! We will be renting towels to claim a lounge chair somewhere but what about hotel keys, cell phones, credit cards, money? Can I leave it in a zippered bag on our lounge chairs? Also are there showers, are they clean? And can I take a bus from Downtonw Disney to Typhoon and reverse on the way back?


I haven’t been to Typhoon Lagoon in a while so unfortunately I can’t answer most of your questions… but I can say that the water parks have lockers you can rent to keep all your important things. Last time I went the locker key was on a stretchy cord you could wear around your wrist/ankle. (Not sure if that has changed with all the new magic band tech…)