UDM - Unidentified Disney Merchandise!


Okay…long story short I got THIS in the mail, and while it was nice of this person to think of me I have NO clue what it is. It just reminds me of a big navel ring or something! One of the balls can unscrew on one side, but…I just don’t know what its supposed to do. Loop through something? Hang on your christmas tree? Is it a baby bracelet? So confuuuused. :ninja:

Edit: and its only about…1.5" diameter…


I think i think i think the little balls at the end screw off and it is a keychain but not 100% sure


Key Chain!


But, when I lose another 20 pounds I plan on getting my belly redone…and i’d like to have something Mickey! LOL!


but, not that big, of course.


Definitely a key chain…and SO nice of whoever sent it to you!!


…OOOHHHH the keys go on the loop, after you unscrew the little ball…

Geez, self. :pinch: Wake up and smell the hummus!!

…well…thanks Erin! :blush:


:laugh: That’s too much!


I can honestly say I have never seen a keychain like that in my LIFE. What a strange little thing…

But shiny. And gold. Mmmm. Sorry for the pointless post…


Oh wow, I would not have known what it was either!


They are good keychains just be careful if the ball comes lose you will loose your keys!


yes, it is definately a keychain! Wow, very nice lucky day to receive a secret gift in the mail!!



Nice gift! Okay, so the next question is…who could it be from?


I know who it’s from, tis why the long story is short. Wink wink, nudge nudge?

And at least now I know how to thank them properly in a note. Keychain…gotta remember that… :wink:


Tiffany makes a key chain just like that one. I love it! And I’d pass on the Tiffany for a mouse in a second! Enjoy it!


Another Mystery solved by the DC Detectives.

We’re an amazing bunch of people!



It’s hard to tell, but I have something very similar to that and it’s actually a charm for a wine glass. I also have a key chain thats a lot like that as well so I don’t know, you guys are probally right.


LOL I was just thinking that would be a cute belly button ring.


Yessir - whatcha got yersefl thre is one of them there fancy new-fangled chainless key chain/cute belly button rangs… Jest find yerself a cute belly button…

(Sorry - too much caffein this morning)


I don’t know what it’s called, but Goof Father uses something similar to “persuade” people to pay me their CC dues.