Uggh - so much for planning ahead


Got a call today from our travel agent~ our wonderful Non-stop flight from Richmond on AirTran got cancelled ~ well, not exactly cancelled but changed to include a 2 hour layover in Atlanta (not gonna happen with 3 kids!!:eek:). So now I get to cancel the hotel ressie I made for the night before the flight (we had planned on driving to Richmond the night before since we were flying out @ 6:30am). I guess the upside is that I can still get a non-stop from Baltimore on Southwest & the cost difference is almost nothing since I won’t have baggage fees with SW. Just means booking a hotel near BWI, driving to Baltimore on a Tuesday night & adding almost another hour to the drive on the way home. Like I said, so much for planning ahead!:blink:


I am hearing more and more about Airtran doing that to people. I’m not a good flyer, so non-stop is the only way for me. I would have gone into a panic state if they changed it on me to a stop over. That’s why I tend to stick with Southwest. I have never heard anyone make any comments about them changing flights.


Oh I am sorry to hear that. I hate when that sort of thing happen, it throws all your plans into disarray. Still, it seems your back up plan is good, so all should go well with Plan B!


Airtran did that to me for my last trip in late May. I booked and paid for nonstop Boston to Orlando, then a month before the trip Airtran sends me an e-mail that I have a stop and a plane change/layover in Ohio???
I called and told them that wouldn’t work for me, and they gave me a refund without a charge, but I had to scramble to find something kind of last minute, since I had booked a while ago.
Luckily I was able to find a decent price on Southwest, but I had to drive to Providence.
Oh well, still had a great trip!!!


I’m glad you got it worked out, your backup plan is almost as good as your original plan.


sorry to hear about the change to your flight. I know that I hate layovers when you can get a direct flight. It is at least good that you have time to change the info though.


are you worried about the layover in atlanta being too long?? or too short?? Really, 2 hours in Atlanta isnt bad. Until everyone goes to the bathroom & you go across the airport ( almost like across the earth in that airport!! ) possibly grab a snack, it will be time for your flight. I thought the layover would be horrible but it was kind of a nice break!! That place is like a shopping mall!!


Oh yes- I have had two incidents with Airtran which were similar… it ended up costing me several hundred dollars more to find a flight to replace their change. Don’t get me started!

Glad your back up plan can work!


anytime you book over 30 days out that can happen…I few friends of mine have flown air tran lately and they both have had their flight cancelled or changed dramatically…the reason you have heard me praise the virtues of SWA they rarely change flights snd usually are very acomodating …I give my business if I can to SWA for the forseable future.


Thanks you for the post.


I agree. Atlanta’s a good place for a layover. Not bad at all, plenty to do.