Ugg....Jury Duty


Well, my vacation is either ruined or everything is good to go–I just don’t know which. The letter is sitting on the table but I haven’t opened it.

My DH received a jury duty notice last week for dates that fell during our trip. He filled out the information and noted that we had a vacation planned for some of the dates. He sent it in last week and the follow up letter came today. I haven’t opened it yet-I usually don’t open his mail and I honestly don’t know if I want to know if he got rescheduled.

I really don’t know how hard it is to reschedule this. I’m sure they hear all kinds of reasons people can’t serve and people lie making it harder on those that have real reasons. I guess I’ll know later today if we’re good to go or need a backup plan.


Oh I hope that it all works out for you. Keep us posted.


The Physician I work for had received a Jury Duty summons for the dates around the same time that we were changing our computer system at the office. He sent a letter stating this and they changed his dates. I would hope they will let your DH change for a vacation if they let him change for this reason!!:laugh:
You are much ‘stronger’ than I am, I would have ripped that baby open right out of the mailbox!!!


If it’s any consolation I once was served with a Jury Service notice and due to another manager being away, had mine re-scheduled, I hope this works out for you too.


When I had jury duty, I just said I couldn’t make it because I would be away until a certain date (really I was just in school and didn’t want to go to a city that wasn’t too close until I was back in it) and they rescheduled it without a problem. Usually they’re not too vicious about that type of thing…they have so many people that can serve. Best of luck!


You should be fine. Every time I’ve had to reschedule its been no big deal. Hope it works out for you!


Same here! I’ve rescheduled many times due to vacation plans, and never had a problem.

I’m anxious to hear if you received good news!! Let us know!


Ahhh, what happened! Update please.


YEA! We get to go–together! He is rescheduled and has to serve in October. We were talking about all the different ways we would deal with this little bump but now we don’t have to.


I’m so glad for you. I originally read your concern at lunch, so all afternoon at work, I kept thinking of ways you could get out of it if the reschedule was bad news.


I would have taken all our paperwork up and begged to have it rescheduled. If that didn’t work I was prepared to cry and see if that would work. We’ve known the circuit clerk for years (not friends but we know each other) and thought she would be more than fair but you just never know.


Whoohoo!! So glad that your DH’s jury duty was able to be rescheduled! Great news!! On with the planning!:happy:


So glad he got rescheduled!



I’ve been lucky, anytime I’ve gotten a notice I was either having a baby within a few days or breast feeding w/ a child who wouldn’t take bottles. Guess breast feeding has another check mark next to it! LOL:laugh:


I have a friend who was assigned jury duty for the week of her Disney vacation.

She got off of it by sending them a letter. She pointed out that she is a stay-at-home mom to three children and that it was necessary for her to be with them to transport them where they need to go. Her youngest at the time was eight years old, maybe.

They didn’t even reschedule her. She got off completely free.

Apparently it’s not that difficult to get out of. Go for it!


Great to hear that you will be able to go on time.


Great news!!


I am glad it worked out for you. I have had to reschedule a few times. I generally asked to have it rescheduled right after the holidays as there are very few trials then.
I did have to serve as a juror when my kids were little and I was a stay at home mom. I told that to the judge and he put me on the jury anyhow. I was so upset at first as I was afraid I would have to serve for more than a day and have to find daycare for the kids. As it turns out, he put me on trial that he must have known would only take less than a day. That was over 10 years ago and I haven’t been called since then. It ended up working to my benefit and I was thankful I had done by jury duty and lessened my chance to be called again until the kids were much older.


Oh I’m so glad it all worked out for you.


YAY happy to hear that your DH was rescheduled.