UGH, Hurricane Francis


well I hate to be the one to post this but the most likely track for this storm is straight upto FL doorstep, there are no further projections at this point however if you are planing on visiting next week on FRI or SAT be expecting a hurricane to join your vacation. this one if it hits FL will be worse then Charley was. it looks like it will be stronger and slower. for all you fellow Floridians I recomend getting your hurricane supplies ready for this one.


So sorry to here that you are going to get another visit this fall! Pixie dust headed your way!


it starting to become a new joke around where I work, “tourism’s up so much event the hurricanes want to come see us now”

actually the funny part is they are starting to reassemble billboards and so forth that were knocked down during charley, this would be the first time In history a area is hit by 2 hurricanes in 1 hurricane season.


Well…yeah…the hurricane center people were on the news this morning saying South Florida would be the likely target, with Central Florida second on the list…they told us to go get supplies and stuff now…so…we are! lol. Nothing we can do but be prepared…if it hits us…oh well…if it doesnt…better safe than sorry!


Ummm , Ok, that stinks


So sorry to hear another hurricane is coming. MAybe you will luck out and Frnaces will change his mind about seeing WDW. I am not trying to make light of a hurricane, so please don’t misunderstand my commment. Hope all of you who have trips planned next week are spared this latest storm. :mickey:


It’s alright Dana…nothing anyone can really do about it. Hurricanes stink, but again…one of the things that we deal with living here and people deal with scheduling trips to FL during this time of year…Never know what might happen! Apparently it can still go north or south, but whatever…


My fingers are crossed that this hurricane changes it’s mind!


That hurricane is looking NASTY!! It is a Category 4!!! and is moving slow, not good at all. Are they making any predictions for after it leaves Central FL is it heading back to N FL and the Atalantic, or is it goin for the Gulf??


Just a funny question… You all seem to have better weather info then I’m finding… can some of you give me links to where you get your news? I would be gratefull… and quite a bit more informed. Thanks




I’m going in a week from Tuesday-I hope the hurricane passes before then, with no bad effects

#13 is for the Weather Channel. They usally have Hurricane info posterd right on the front of their website.


Thank you both, they are helpfull links :slight_smile:


Who said central FL? lol…this thing is heading for us down here!


well not knowing where down here is I really have to say I hope this storm spares the port charlotte area more then anything. It won’t be good up here in Orlando ethier though. Myself I’m getting ready to book a hotel room over at disney they seem to fare very well over there.


lol…down here is Fort Lauderdale…I hope it spares everyone…


Thats a cool idea. And I am sure they have backup generators for if the power goes out.


You guys— I’m from Georgetown, SC. Please say a little prayer for us, too. We also got hit with Charley (only catagory 1) and just surrvived a terrible Tropical storm “Gaston”. We are so flooded that if Frances hits here it will absolutely be devastating. I am really worried about this one wherever it hits!!!


yes they do, where I work we are classified as emergency personel however they have stated the people that worked Hurricane charley and were there during the storm will not be required to be at work during this storm. however we will be required to work regular hours the next day. I’m really waiting to see what day this storm is going to hit.