Test Track too!


First Big Thunder Mtn will be closed for refurb during our trip, now Test Track may be too! I read on mousesavers that it will close in April, but doesn’t say the exact date. I do love when everything is refurbed and nice & new - but hate when it happens during one of my trips! :blush:

here’s a quote from the newsletter:
[COLOR=“Purple”]Beginning this fall, Epcot guests will be able to enjoy a re-imagined version of the popular Future World attraction, Test Track presented by Chevrolet.

This new version of the attraction will transform the current testing workshop into the sleek “Chevrolet Design Center at Epcot,” where guests can become immersed in the fun – and fast – world of automotive design. Here, guests will become automotive designers and create their own custom vehicles. Next, they’ll buckle into a six-person SimCar ride vehicle and test out their design on the challenging track of the Test Track course.

Afterward, guests can take a fascinating look into the future of transportation by viewing a collection of the latest Chevrolet vehicles in an all-new showroom.

Plans call for closing the current GM Test Track in April 2012, with an anticipated opening of Test Track Presented by Chevrolet scheduled for fall 2012.[/COLOR]


Egh!!! Sorry. Toy story was closed when we went. Not fun.


There is going to be plenty of stuff in the works when we go in March- not fun. I hate it that they are going to be doing all of this stuff while I am there… I know that it will be fun when it is done, but I hate it that it is not open…


ugh. This means it will be down during our trip as well. BUT, if ever there was a ride that needed refurbishment, TT is IT!


Uggggh, I dislike it when my favorite rides are closed for refurbishing. I know that splash mountain is usually closed in January so we go in November. In 2011 we had to go in January and guess what…Splash Mountain was closed and didn’t open until the day after we left. Grrrrrr, so close yet no cigar :pinch:


Awww, I hate when the attractions are closed, especially when you go with people who are going for the first time and they can’t experience the full extent of the amazingness! :laugh:
According to, there will be nothing closed for refurbishment for when we go in June, but that could change! :happy:
I’m just hoping Toy Story Mania & Star Tours are open because we haven’t been on them before! :mellow:


I think we are a little disappointed when we go and we see that one of favorite rides is down for refurb. Then again, we do all love when everything is working properly too… Bittersweet… Hope you have a fabulous trip though!!


Closing down TT for the summer season just seems really short-sighted. Don’t they usually plan better?


I think that they are doing too many refurbs and construction at once. I know it needs to be done but they should try and schedule so that people do not feel like they are missing out. I do not get why they would shut Test Track down during the warmer months when 1/2 the ride and the most exciting part is outside. Also the time frame for Splash Mountain seems really long unless they are changing the ride in a major way. Of course I am totally biased because I will be there April 13-21st and do not want to miss anything !


Omg, I didn’t read it properly!
So that means it will be closed when we go too in June? :eek:
How come it doesn’t say on I hope it’s just a rumour! :crying:


IASW was closed on our Hunnymoon trip (my 1st) in '93. I was sad, but it just gave me another reason to go back again! and again! and again! and again! and…


Space Mountain was closed at Disneyland when I went out for my/Disneyland’s 50th birthday in June 2005. I was just a little early for the reopening.
On my first trip to Disneyland, Matterhorn was closed, there were no fireworks and no Fantasmic (Sept. 2002).


NOOOOO…that’s another favorite that will be closed while we’re there too…I do not like this one bit!!!


have they said an official date yet?


It always seems to be one of the best that are closed while you’re there… but they’re all so good so I wish none of them would close!! :happy:


Hopefully Rowdy will chime in and let us in on the scoop.


It seems like when we get there april 17-30th thunder,TT,will be down,a little disappointing,also new fantasyland,will noy be up and running,the worst part of refurbs is it also puts pressure on the other main rides,because there is just less to choose from,oh well grin and bear it…with regards to TT I would have thought waiting till May to start would have been on the docket,because of spring break and easter crowds


I wish they could start the refurb now on TT so it’s done for when we go in June! :laugh: It is disappointing that it will be closed while we’re there, but at the same time we know it’s gonna be bigger and better once it’s all been refurbished! :laugh:


They have to get all the pieces in place and lined up before they commit to actually closing an attraction. In that way, they can guarantee it will reopen as scheduled.


Ah, I see. Well obviously each time you go is AMAZING anyway so we will still have lots of fun! I hope there isn’t too much that will be closed while we’re there :happy: