Ultimate Dream of all dream jobs


I was recently at Disneyland for the D23 conference, and while I was there, I discovered my calling in life: being a Tour Guide in Disneyland. I know, right? What could be better? I’ve been trying to do some research, but I’m not so great at that whole deal, and haven’t found much. I was wondering if any of my lovely Mousebuzz friends (who are infinitely more wise in the realm of Disney research) would be able to find anything for me. You guys are awesome!


Funny, I was doing a lot of searching on Friday to see what kind of education and experience you need to work at Animal Kingdom with the animals. Couldn’t find too much info either. Finally found out just to get an internship you need a degree in science (biology), 3.0 gpa and to have been working with a couple of groups for over 6 months. I better get going if I plan on doing this in my retirement!