Um, I can't focus


This time in 2 weeks I’ll be at WDW!!! :mickey:

I can’t believe this trip is really going to happen. I have planned it TWICE and had to cancel BOTH times :crying: This trip got pushed back a week and I had to give up being there for my DD’s 5th birthday, but was thrilled that I didn’t have to dump it all together :happy:

Now that it’s almost here, I can’t focus on the stuff I still need to do. Not that there is a lot, but I want to fine tune the trip, you know, organize my notes, change an ADR or two and get all excited and imagine being there, BUT I CAN’T! I am getting wrapped up in TR’s, looking at WDW food photos :ph34r: shopping (OMG, the shopping!), reading about shows, parades, hay rides, pony rides, boat rentals…I am once again overwhelemd with Disney :mickey: I have turned into an unorganized spaz, lol.

I am nearly :cool: certain I’m not the first to experience this, lol. What do you do to get the focus back?? Someone slap me or somethin’…I have things to do. :laugh:


Awe, I am so excited for you!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!


YAY!!! I am so excited for you Daisy!! you are going to have SUCH an amazing time!


I am excited for you daisy — third time is a charm. And just to make sure nothing gets in the way this time, I will share with you some of the pixiedust that Pu sent me yesterday.


SLAP There now you can focus. You are making me nervous. Get off the computer and get your butt in gear. First, call and change those ADR right now missy. You pick up the phone and dial…

Next, please tell me you have packing lists and you have started putting some items together…if you have not, please refer to the super packing list and start today. You don’t have to be compltely packed, but start getting some thing together. First thing tomorrow morning, you call and check every one of your reservations…hotel…rentals whatever you have.

OK speaking seriously now, I can understand why you are lacking in the organized and excitement department. Perhaps a small part of you is waiting for this trip to get cancelled or moved again becasue it’s happened twice already. It’s not…please don’t get worried…GET PACKING instead! YOU ARE GOING TO WDW!!! I’m so excited for you, so that has to get you “into” the planning and changing and fixing! Want me to do it for you? I love that kinda stuff…lol


Aww - I’m excited for you daisyd.

Anticipation is one of the BEST parts of any WDW trip.


Thanks ladies :mickey:

Dana, I picked up the phone as soon as you gave me the much needed slap, lol. I’m on hold right now and there is a new message on the dining line. It says they have heavy call volume and if you are at WDW right now you can see your concierige for ADR help…now that sounds SCARY :eek: I’d hate to be one of these CM’s right now. I’ll be sure to be extra nice :mickey:


Off the phone!

Okay, I got my new ADRs, and one of them is Chef Mickey for breakfast :mickey: The other is Trails End on the night we are going to try the Haunted Hayride and campfire sing along :happy:

FWIW, here are my ADR’s:
Scifi for lunch
Chef Mickey for breakfast
Rose and Crown for dinner (a coveted 8pm ADR :cool:)
Trails End for dinner (tried for WC, but it was booked until late)
1900 PF for dinner
Crystal Palace for breakfast
Kona for dinner ('Ohana is availble late, late, late)

I cxld Norway breakfast, CP dinner and Chefs lunch, and I’ll keep trying for 'Ohana at a good hour for us. I do have all of my ADR info in one place. ADR numbers, dates and whom I spoke with when I made/cxld them :wink: Oh, and I just confirmed them ALL :happy:

Also, I now have ONE master packing/shopping list, lol. I had 4 in 4 different places. I feel so much better now and realize I really don’t have much to do. My Garden Grocer order needs to be placed, I need to order a birthday cake from GF for our 1900 PF dinner and I need to go through what I have packed already and compare it to my ONE list, lol.

:happy: Now I don’t feel like Bambi in my avatar sliding out of control, lol.


Hated to do it, but glad the slap helped…lol wow…that is some serious heavy call volume…well at least they have great on-hold music…lol


see, now don’t you feel better…one step at a time. Start making those other calls right now. you can do the garden grocer right online…no problem. Tomorrow call for the cake…go shopping and start packing. You’ll be done in no time!


Thanks Dana, you rock :cool:


No problem! It’s my pleasure to slap people into packing and planning mode:huh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I never even try to focus before a trip… it’s counter productive!! the only thing I would be able to do 2 weeks before a trip is think “will this day hurry up and be over so I will be closer”


Focus schmokus! You’re going to WDW!!!


LOL, I’m glad Dana slapped you silly, now you’re back on track! Remember, planning prolongs the greatness of the trip! :happy:


You don’t get the focus back…

I am a nightmare during my last week of work before a trip. I’m so done with work that I can’t make myself do anything!


No slapping! I’m happy for you and counting down for me!


I missed this thread but I’m soooooo happy for you. I’d love to go with you just to watch you enjoy everything for the first time. Have a safe trip and a blast!


Thanks everyone! I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!
:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:
:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:

The kids still don’t know, lol. Kelly turns 5 on the 12th and we’ll tell them then. They asked me why I was packing, and I told them I just want to see how much I can fit in the case, lol.