Unattended Charging Stations


Has anyone else heard about this yet? It sounds pretty cool to me. I’m trying to find out where they are located throughout the parks.

It’s a locker that you leave your phone in, and it has charging cords for Iphone and Mini-USB charger (for Droid, etc). It is free to use. What a great idea. Now I need to hunt for the locations. If you know where they are located, please post.

Update: Looks like it is a pilot test…Cosmic Rays, and Space Mountain for now. There are additional regular charging stations though-out the park (that you have to stay with your devices). I hope it works out, and they offer more unattended lockers throughout the park.

I can foresee me forgetting and leaving my phone though…hmmmm…

Update number 2 - The pilot trial test has ended as of Sept 10th - and they are removing them…oh well…that stinks - I thought it was brilliant!


I think they were not advertised well enough… I also thought they should have put them in restaurants. Id be much more comfortable charging my phone across the room, than leaving and going on a ride… Wish they would keep them…


We looked for them last month when we were there and never found them…I read there was a station near Gaston’s tavern and we never found it…never found the one near Space Mountain either. I think you are right in that they were not well advertised…at the least it should have been well advertised on the map. Also, I don’t think I would have used it anyway—unless I was standing there right next to it. Like you said—if I were “watching” it while eating lunch perhaps but out of my sight? I just don’t trust a machine…too much hacking going on…


I think with battery packs now smaller than a lot of phones, people just carry them around for extra charging.


They did have the portable chargers for phones in the Space Mountain gift shop… went back later in the day (4 pm) to buy one and they were all sold out… Could not find one anywhere else… we looked and asked…ugh.


I saw them for sale in several places…but we brought our own…and I didn’t ever need it. I was sure with using the ME a lot that my phone would run Dow faster…but it really didn’t.


We have old school flip phones that we charge every few days. My DS has a smart phone that I was worried about because of all the stories, but his also lasted all day.


All I can say… is I would like the chance to go back and test my phone and see how long it lasts… I would happily be the test case for them…


Our phones don’t make the day in the parks, but we carry a reserve battery pack. Would not leave my phone anywhere. Would a charging station where I could sit for a little bit and put something of a charge on.