Unbirthday party: ideas needed!


Hey, beautiful people! I’m in a party panic and feel very much like the white rabbit with my deadline. Calling all MB creatives! :wub:

My birthday is coming up soon, and since I no longer live with my parents and I have a relatively spacious new place, I thought I’d celebrate with a themed party. (The fact that I’m having a party at all is kind of miraculous.)

At this point I think an Unbirthday Party would be alot of fun; from what I figure, doing unrelated/unexpected things (or unusual birthday things) would be fun.

Eg. since its an UNbirthday, I could have as many themes as I wanted. Maybe a gaming theme with DDR, then a Narnia theme with ‘pin the tail on Mr. Tumnus’, then an interesting foreign film, and other disconnected activities! Or, do things that I normally wouldn’t for my January birthday; if it’s cold outside, we could luau inside. (Though admittedly I like the first idea a bit better.)

I want to avoid too much relationship to the Disney film(s) since my friends would be expecting that, and they’re probably a bit tired of it. :blush: The problem now is finding things to do that MOST of the attendees would enjoy.

I do, however, want to make cookies that say ‘eat me’ and label drinks as ‘shrink’ and ‘grow’ etc!

So, with anything along those lines…got any ideas to share? I know there are alot of creatives on MB, I’d be delighted to hear your suggestions! :heart:


Well, if you want to go with the “Mad Hatter” theme, I am a creepy wedding stalker…
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And, of course, I had a Mad Hatter Tea Party in celebration of my graduation… http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/mousebuzz-chit-chat/54938-my-graduation-tea-party.html

That’s just some photo inspiration for now… :happy:


ohhhhh how fun!! I am a huge Wonderland fan so this party sounds awesome to me!

I know you want to stay away from making it too Disney-centric. Would you want to serve tea, or is that too close to the movie? You could find all kinds of weird flavors. Put rock candy sticks out as stirrers. That kind of thing.


Happy almost birthday.
A few years ago I went to a party where everyone was to come as their favorite character from a book that they like. You could come dressed in the part or not but you had to stay in character for most of the evening with that being a big part of the party. Later in the evening everyone was given a piece of paper and they had to try and get as many characters as possible.
It was a blast. Your freinds sound like they would be good at such a game.