Undecided about a resort


We are planning to go to WDW in Oct for the MNSSHP, DD & SIL are adament about staying at the WL. We have stayed twice at POFQ, just not sure if I want to spend that much money for a room. Are the rooms really worth it?

We have gone to the Whispering Canyon Resturant and enjoyed that alot.
We have 2 grandsons ages 8 and 6.



Well, my answer is a question back at you:

  1. Can you afford WL?
  2. Do you spend enough time at your resort to justify the expense?

We spend so little time at our resort, that value resorts do just fine.


To be honest like cavey said if you are going to be spending a bunch of time there well then Yes. If not I wouldnt. Personally Im only there to sleep so for my DD and I we just pefer the values.


We’re staying at WL in June, so I hope it’s awesome. This will be our first experience at a Deluxe resort.


I personally think the rooms at the POFQ feel like they have more space then the ones at WL…it’s the furniture of course that gives it more room as the rooms are technically larger at WL. I think the WL is definately worth the price, but crowded for 4 or more adults in my opinion. It’s nice to try a resort however and the WL will not disappoint.


The only time I can think of that we would be there for any length of time would be the day of the HP, since we decided it would be best to go to the pool and then rest up for the long evening. We have never stayed at the values, but I would not mind those either, I say stay were it is more affordable and take the extra money and use it for souviners or something else. Oh well. we will see.


Dana, we would have our own room and they theirs. I know the room we had at POFQ was a corner room so we had 2 windows which made the room seem larger, and I just loved taking the boat to DTD.


I would say that if you’re in doubt to stay where you feel is comfortable.There is nothing worse than blowing your budget and then reqetting it later. I personally choose either values or moderates because I don’t nrmally spent a whole lot of time in the room.


The Wilderness, same as the rest of the Disney deluxe hotels, has queen beds, not doubles like the moderates. Also, the Wilderness recently got new TVs. LG 34 inch (or so) LCD (or are they plasma) widescreen HDTVs (although Disney does not offer any HD programming on it’s cable as of yet). The difference between a bottom grade room at WL and a room at POFQ is about $100. Also, you’ve got direct boat service to the Magic Kingdom from WL that isn’t shared with anyone. You share the bus mostly with Fort Wilderness or sometimes Grand Floridian, so the most you’ll make is one extra stop. POFQ shares all it’s buses with POR, except some MK buses when it’s busy. This means that every bus makes 5 stops at the Port Orleans complex before heading to the destination and POFQ is the first of 5, except the DTD bus which runs the opposite direction and does POR’s 4 stops first.
All things to consider.


The Wilderness Lodge is one of our favorite resorts. We’ll be back there this December. WL offers a magnificently rendered theme and a quiet, peaceful and romantic setting. The lobby is gorgeous! It’s just a relaxing boat ride to the MK. We like the Silver Creek Springs feature pool and the Fire Rock Geyser.

Of course, we tend to take advantage of the resorts we stay at, and aren’t “park commandos” who spend every minute in the theme parks. To us, the resorts and the TS dining are just as much a part of our vacations as the theme parks.


disneygram – doesn’t WL have the bunk beds? I have a feeling your grandsons would really enjoy the bunks, and it would seme like that would give you extra space in the room anyway! If you can treat yourself, go ahead and do it. Take plenty of pics, so the magic lasts forever!


Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge both have bunk beds.


I would chose the Wilderness Lodge, sometimes its nice to get a variety.


I just stayed at WL for the first time and just loved it. If you can afford to stay at WL give in to your DD and SIL so you can all be together. I can imagine being adament about staying there sometime in the future as well. :blush:


If it’s in your budget give it a try. We love WL, the resort is beautiful and has such a relaxing feeling. With kids along you might be surprised at how much time you could spend at the resort. I know my son aways wants a break in the middle of the day to swim in the pool.


Personally, I think the WL is a gorgeous resort: the theming, the scenic lobby, the grounds and pool, are all just beautiful. The rooms however, are just okay.

Maybe your money would be better spent on another dinner at Whispering Canyon and some time enjoying the lobby and grounds?


Thanks everyone!!! One way for me to look at it is that we would not be that far to WL from MK so we would be able to go back and relax more.


ddoll, I’m with you!!! Gracious, but we will have to see. I just checked and the room rates go up with bunk beds.They are looking at 335.00 per night with a courtyard view. Well time will tell!!!


Well, I have never personally stayed at the WL but I just got off the phone with my cousin who is staying there right now and she said that she would stay there again in a second. She and her two kids (ages 10 and 7) and husband are loving it. Her parents are also there and also really love the resort. She was between POFQ and WL when she was planning her trip and now is glad she chose WL.


So don’t get a courtyard view. The truth is, if you’re on the north side of the building facing the MK and Contemporary and have a woods view, you might be able to see the castle from your balcony if you’re on the 5th floor and the tree tops are a little thinned and woods view is less expensive.