Under a month! WOOOOHOOOO!


I just realized my count is FINALLY under 30 days!!! I am so excited!!!

Lots to do and finally just a little time to do it in!!! :tongue:

I do not mind!! I love the getting ready part!!!

Anyone else out there getting close??


I’m at the 60 day point. I am happy though. My counter used to read 269 not so long ago :-).

Congrats…Hope you have a wonderful time.

I know I will, this is my daughter’s first time there (5yr old) and we are doing everything MAJOR.


Gettin’ close here! Only 10 more working days, HA!!

Don’t ya just love when the time sneaks up on you and you have to run around gettin’ things done? It makes the time pass so much faster and really helps build the excitement!

I’m a bit jealous of you getting to stay at the Poly…you ARE going to write a trip report, right? :laugh:


I’m write there with you on the countdown. Only 29 days left. I can’t believe it. I’ve got a lot of the packing/planning done but still a good bit to do. And with school starting next week and it looks like I may get a new job it’s hopping around here already.


I know exactly how you feel. There are only 22 days until my Night of Joy trip!!!


26 days here…i think my countdown clock is off… :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: