Undercover Tourist tickets?


Our tickets are from Undercover Tourist, will we have to change them or add them to our KTTW cards? Are there still paper ticket turnstiles? I’m fine with changing if so, will they do that at SSR or will we need to go to the parks to change them?


Tickets are all hard plastic. You will have to change them over at the theme park as far as I know, but I would try at the resort first to see if they can add them to your room key/band.


Thanks Dana!


My pleasure :slight_smile:


Our tickets were paper (Undercover Tourist). We were told they couldn’t add them to our room key at AKL because of changing over to the band. We had them changed to plastic at Guest Relations at MK. I was surprised they didn’t do it for us at check in.


Thanks for letting us know!


I had this happen to me at SSR. I don’t know why this is still such a mystery or why it can’t be done at the resort by some, but can be by others - baffling. I would still try it at the resort first just in case you get someone who knows how to do it! :laugh:


Does anyone know about DisneyQuest tickets from Undercover Tourist? I assume you just order it and then bring to DisneyQuest for entry? I have never ordered from them before and am considering it. Thanks!