Undercover tourist tickets


We bought tickets online on Monday afternoon. Got an email Tuesday morning, the tickets were shipped. Wow that’s fast.


Love UT. We use them a lot.


And we got the tickets yesterday. So ordered Monday afternoon, received Friday morning. That was standard shipping free shipping, I didn’t pay extra. I’m impressed.


I’ve used them twice and their great. Have a fantastic trip!


Thank you. We still have about 7 weeks to go. As soon as we got them, I booked our fastpasses. That seemed soooo stressful. How do we decide where we are going to be in 7 weeks? But that’s a whole different subject. The point here is we had no issues with tickets from undercover.


Were they cheaper than AAA? I am looking to buy 3 day passes for our trip for Nov/Dec. and to the best of my knowledge, AAA is the cheapest, even a few $ less than the Fl. Res 3 day pass.


2 - 8 day hopper tickets were 802 ish. Maybe a dollar or two higher. I just priced AAA in PA,it was 839.


Two years ago I priced out AAA tickets to WDW, and they were the exact same price as Disney–no discount for the 6 day hopper. I didn’t even check this past August…what’s the point when they were the same… Also, it’s just two of us, so the savings for discount tickets isn’t always worth the effort for us…


King, got to www.mousesavers.com before the 15th of the month and sign up for their newsletter. They distribute the newsletter on the 15th and have a special UT link guaranteeing their lowest rates. My neice just bought a 3 day hopper and got a 4th day for free. I don’t remember the cost, but they have been the cheapest every time I check. Also, tax is included in the price quoted and free shipping. Can’t go wrong with that.