Undercover tourist...?


Someone on another disney forum (I know, I know!) told me I could find cheapter tix on UndercoverTourist.com. The prices look good!! Maybe I can have my cake and eat it too, after all… Has anyone ordered from this website? Are they legit/reliable/safe? Thanks.


I have the Undercover Tourist app on my Iphone and they seem very above board. I can’t remember who directed me towards them but it would have been from somewhere reputable I’m sure. The ticket discounts seems to be very reasonable approximately $22.00 off MYW tickets, which when you are buying several would soon add up. They seem to have good press reports too. Try Googling them and see whats said about them? Otherwise I think they look OK to me.


I have never ordered from them but i would. mousesavers uses them and they seem pretty repitable.


Ah I think that’s where I first found them (Mousesavers) and they are a good site.


UT is a good source. THey are a Disney authorized tix resale site. And if they ship across state lines you might be able to save sale tax along with the rduced price.


Mousesavers and Unofficial Guide both say that they are a safe bet for Disney tickets.


I’ve used them many, many times. In fact, just got my tickets in the mail last week from them. If you sign up for Mousesaver’s monthly newsletter, there is always a link in there with an extra discounted price, specific to Mousesaver patrons. So, you get a discount and pay no tax. For a 6 day parkhopper that I just purchased from UT, I saved $35.00 per ticket compared to Disneys new prices plus tax. Also, you can add the ticket to your room key if you are staying on site. After checking in, go to guest services and they will add it on.


We got tickets to Universal from them for our trip to Disney in 2 weeks.

Ordered them on a Saturday and we had them in our hands on Wednesday with no problem. Would buy from them again if we needed tickets.


I’ve used them and they are great! Just be careful as your tix will be in an unmarked envelope-don’t mistake it for junk mail!!:ohmy:


We bought our tickets from them the last time we went to WDW. I even had to return a ticket as one of our party couldn’t attend - received a refund promptly with no problems! I will order from them again!


we bought our Disneyland tix from them, as referred by mousesavers-no problem at all:mickey:


Has anyone used them for the Universal tickets with bus from disney? If so was it worth it taking the bus or would you rent a car?


I have done business with them several times and found them to be very reliable.


Wow, thanks everyone! I’ll be doing this tomorrow!