Undercover Tourist


Has anyone ever bought their park tickets through Undercover Tourist? If so, can you share your experience?



Great experience. We used them for the first time last summer. Just a few days before the ticket price was due to go up. We got our tickets in about 4 or 5 days. For two 6 day hopper tickets, I think we saved about 25 bucks or so going with them.


I have used them sveral times and have been very pleased. I would recommend them.


We have used them before and have never had a problem.


Wonderful experience. Between the discount and no taxes charged, its a great deal. The first time I purchased them, I was surprised when they arrived, that they are actual “tickets.” No indication that you purchased them from a discount company at all.


just purchased. . .thanks to all for your insight. It was a cost savings of more than $30 compared to AAA. Yahoo!!!


Great! The last time I ordered, the tickets arrived in about 4 days. So, keep an eye out for approx. a 6 x 8 tan envelope (don’t mistake it for junk mail!)


Dont think I would qualify to buy tickets being a ‘foreigner’ however, I do love their Iphone app its so informative.


Just make sure that if you plan to upgrade those discount tickets to APs that you use them at least once before you upgrade. If you do that, you will be able to keep your savings!


Maybe it was just me, but I shopped Undercover Tourist twice this year and they were more expensive than buying directly from Disney. No idea why, what is up with that?


When you get a quote through Disney, it doesn’t include taxes and shipping. I thought the same thing too at first and then when I went on to complete the transaction through Disney, the cost increased by quite a bit with taxes and they charge $5 for delivery to your home. This may have been what you were seeing. Tax is included and shipping is free through Undercover Tourist. We’ll be using them for our next trip with a savings of $55.


I purchased and saved about $30 total from the AAA price on three 6day parkhoppers, even more from the total disney price.

So far, so good. Got a follow up email today saying they have been shipped!!!


Used them all the time before we switched to APs. Very professional. If you sign up for the mousesavers newsletter there is a code to save an additional $3 per ticket.


Dixie they have a 14 or 21 day Ultimate ticket available to only those from the UK & Ireland.


Oh thanks for that info- that I didn’t know- we have had the 21 day ticket before too but had it from Disney -bet we could have saved a few dollars- anyway now we’ll know for next time, thank you:heart:


I will check them out again, we are renting DVC Points and I was looking at it that way. We have dining plan already set up, I need to buy them and get them added to our passes.


I used them and we had no problem. I waited too long and had to pick them up from the UPS store. I followed the instructions I received when I bought the tickets; I approached the counter, gave them my name, signed off on a pickup log and I was on my way. Everthing was legitimate and we entered all the parks without a problem.