Underdog walt disney pictures


Peter Dinklage is be the villain in the live action of the 1960’s animated Underdog go to www.laughingplace.com or www.yahoo.com:mickey:


Thanks for the links Jeany!


anytime c-palace underdog is my favorite tv animated series. i can’t wait for this movie this year.:mickey:


Underdog is one of my favorite cartoons. They are going to be filming portions of this movie here in Rhode Island. Very exciting!! :cool:


Thanks for the link!

I’ve always loved Underdog! :wub:


what is your favorite part in the underdog animated series.:mickey:


Hey Jeany, I loved the one where Underdog had to fight the Magnet Men. Me and my brother still imitate those darn Magnet Men to this day. “The Magnet Men mmmmmm”

Hey Top Princess, I live in RI too, where are they going to be filming?


Mostly in Providence. Here is the info that was on one of the news stations web sites back in October 2005.

PROVIDENCE – Disney made it official Wednesday, announcing it will film a live-action movie version based on the cartoon superhero Underdog in Rhode Island.

The State House will be a key set, with production facilities housed at the Cranston Street Armory.

A new law that gives tax breaks to moviemakers was one of the main reasons “Underdog” is flying to town.

Filming is set to begin in March.

You may see camera crews and actors in the capital city, but you won’t see Underdog. The superhero will be computer-generated.

The movie is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2007.


i can’t wait for the underdog the movie to come out next year Oh! disney put the underdog in all disneyworld resorts.:mickey:


ingamba that is my favorite part in underdog animated series.


“There’s no need to fear…Underdog is here!”


do you know anyone who is the voice of underdog? and the theme song of underdog?:confused:


thanks for the link Jeany. I have to admit we don’t know who Underdog is here in the UK. I have heard of it only because of references on tv shows but never seen it at all.
I love the link though ( esp pics of Bibbity Bobbity Boutique! )

Thanks again


i now who is the villain in underdog go to www.mickeynews.com you find out his name.:mickey:


Jason Lee is going to be the voice of Underdog. go to www.laughingplace.com they have some details or www.nytimes.com they has some details.:mickey:


Underdog is being filmed in Providence, RI!


i can’t to see underdog the movie in the summer of next year. Oh! nice house ingamba.:mickey::heart::wub::cool:


Underdog? Disney? Hmmmm… Since the original Underdog cartoons weren’t Disney, it seems a strange match. But then the original George of the Jungle wasn’t Disney either and we all know how well THAT worked out - lol (I think G of the J was from the same folks that gave us Underdog, come to think of it).

Frankly, I don’t think live-action versions of classic TV cartoons work very well (i.e. Rocky and Bullwinkle and Dudley Do-Right).

But what the heck - I’ll watch it just to see…


The actual movie poster for UNDERDOG? Or a clever fake? You decide.