Underground Tour


Yet another question from the Inquisitive One!

Just got off the phone with a dear friend who will be vacationing Disney-style the same week we are. We were discussing plans and trying to synch up, and she mentioned that this year her biggest priority was to do the Underground Tour since she was an annual passholder. She said no one under 16 was allowed, and it was a 6 hour thing. Anyone know more about this, and can give me details? Maybe there’s a video out there somewhere?


Hello again Inquisitive One! :wink: :biggrin:

I can’t remember the name of the tour…it’s eluding me at the moment…:dry:…but I can confirm that no one under 16 is allowed, and the price is somewhere around $100/person. Dang it, I think they said the name of it in one of my WDW guides, but I’m having a total blonde moment.

I doubt there are any videos of it; seeing “the underground” is a pretty exclusive deal and I think that’s why the tour is such a big thing. It’s kind of the only chance for non-Disney-cast-members to catch a glimpse of the underbelly.

I think on the longer tours like that they provide lunch too…you may even get to eat at a cast member cafe backstage, which is always cool.

Anyway, that probably didn’t really help any…:pinch:


I think you are talking about “The Keys to the Kingdom Tour.” DW and I went on this two years ago for our 10th anniversary. It is a the MK, lasted about 6 hours and I know that they said no one under 16 was allowed. The Tour Guide was loaded with information and very friendly. We got in early and toured around Main Street then went to AdventureLand and rode the Jungle Cruise. Then we took a look in the area behind Splash Mountain where the prep the parade. It was interesting to see what is “behind the curtain” so to speak. We then went to the Columbia Harbour House for lunch. It was our first time there and the food was great. We sat upstairs in a separate area from everyone else. Then we went to FantasyLand and road Peter Pan and Small World. Then we went through the Utilidoor which is underground. We saw several areas and got lots of info. It was funny that we saw some cast members in costume and some partially in costume who frantically tried to get covered up before we saw them. Anyway we made it back to the front and up to Main Street then got out Key’s to the Kingdom Pin’s and we were dismissed. All in all it was very interesting. I had always heard of the rumors of the underground. I woudl recommemn it to anyone interested. I do not remember the pricing but I think you can find that on allearsnet.com or mousesavers.com. I do know that we got a 15% discount with our seasonal passes.


If you go to this link, you will find descriptions on all of Disney’s Backstage tours. You can click on each tour for descriptions and reviews. Both Keys to the Kingdom and Backstage Magic include a tour of the Utilidor system. KTTK is $58 and lasts about 5 hours (we did this at Christmas and it was great!) while Backstage Magic is $199 and lasts 7 hours. As I said, you can find more info at this link: