Understanding reservations!


It is well for newer visitors to WDW to understand about your dinner reservations. It’s kind of like an appointment with a Dr. and wind up reading boring magazines for close to an hour. You may have a reservation at 7PM and find yourself waiting for as much as an hour to be seated. The food is almost always worth the wait but don’t show up starving. ( Maybe bring something to read?)


It’s a strange sort of system. It’s more of get your name on the waiting list ahead of time thing. With any luck…

Of course, they can’t predict how long the group before you will take get finish and get out.


You never know, though. I don’t think we waited anywhere for more than 5 minutes on our recent trip. That included dining at O’Hanas, Whispering Canyon, Le Cellier, Biergarten, and Boma. It was longer at CRT, but most of the line was for photos. Have fun!!!


I have to be honest, in ALL my trips & over all my years in WDW the longest I ever had to wait with an ADR was about 35 minutes during ‘prime time’ at O’hana. Le Cellier came in a close 2nd one day and that was about 30. In my experience I’d say our AVERAGE wait time when we have an ADR is only between 7-12 minutes.


we didnt have to wait too long anywhere but when we were leaving chef mickeys, there was some sort of breakdown in the reservation system & people were waiting 2+ hrs…they werent too happy!!


If you have a reservation you won’t have to wait terribly long. The longest wait we had with an ADR was at Boma. It was rib night about 7:30 so the place was packed. All told we waited about twenty minutes before our table was ready.


I also think the time of your adr has a lot to do with your wait. If you have an adr at peak times, then expect a longer wait. We have had particularly long waits at Rose & Crown (over an hour), Le Cellier (55 mins), both of those times were when we had a Candlelight processional package. Crystal Palace always looks like you are going to wait forever, but they get you in pretty close to your adr time. We waited almost an hour at Mama Melrose, once, but we never did figure out why, I think they had some kind of computer glitch or something.


Last year at Ohana’s we waited over an hour, it was pretty frustrating. Not to mention it took about 25 minutes to even give our name. The kids were starving by the time we were actually seated. The only other restaurant we usually have a wait at is Le Cellier. Sometimes quite a while. I never show up (so far) to a restaurant that I don’t have an ADR for so I agree, it is crazy, but oh well! At least at both of our long wait locations, the food has been worth it!!


Maybe sometimes it also has to do with the size of your party. Usually a table of 2 or 4 will most definitely get sat before a table of 8 or more, esp if it’s at prime eating times. That’s standard at most any restaurant anywhere.
But hey, it’s food and we all gotta eat:wink:


About 3 or 4 years ago we stopped making reservations and just showed up at a rest. .Most of the time we were seated as soon as we would have been with reservations. If not we just go somewhere else to eat. Going to Disney 4 times a year eating at a particular dining place is not that important to us.
We were there in May and because of the rain we didn’t get to a couple of eating places we had planed to eat at. No big deal! we will be there in Sept. and go to those places. We’re to old to sweat the little things. Beside, spontaneity is part of our excitement while at WDW.


Same with us. We’ve had a few waits over the years but I would say 9 out of 10 times we’re seated in less than 15 minutes no matter how early we arrive. We’ve had a few waits but we usually take 7-13 day trips and eat one sit down meal a day and rarely wait to be seated. In fact, there are some evenings when we would like to relax with a drink and we’re seated so fast we can’t do that.


One night at Boma we waited and waited and waited. We finally went to ask and they said the beeper wasn’t activated or something. They said they had called us but we were sitting about 30 ft from the podium, couldn’t have called all that loud. So we asked how long and was told “sorry, you have just to wait until the next table”. I was a bit annoyed. I talked to the manager and basically was saying this should not happen. So we get seated after 5 or 10 min. Food is good, everything is fine. We stuff ourselves silly and just when we are about ready to burst, a chef comes by with a dessert. He just drops it off with a smile and a nod. We are thinking “do they have the right table?” , maybe it was somebodies birthday and we got it by mistake. So we are sitting there feeling guilty and the manager comes by. He set it up. We thanked him, we didn’t know what it was, but we thanked him. They were deep fried oreo’s . So we talked for a bit, and took the whole thing home (BCV). I remember getting on the bus and the driver says “here’s my favorite passenger, she brought me a doggie bag”.:laugh:

So from that point on if we see a number of people who arrive after us but are getting seated we double check the beeper.


I have never waited that long to eat when I had an ADR…never. I always arrive 15minutes prior to my time as suggested and am seated with in the half hour. I am sorry that has been you experience…it’s the the normal one.


I think they’re system is not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. I too have had occasional long waits, but nowhere near as long as I have had at popular restaurants at home. It’s the nature of the business.


We have never waited more than a few minutes. I don’t think you can count CRT as you have to wait for pictures and such. Last time we went to LeCellier, we were seated right away. I guess it could have something to do with the size of the party AND the time of the ADR (we always go around 5:00)