Unexpected Park ticket discounts


I wanted to pass this along. I was looking at my wife’s public employee benefits package yesterday. Buried deep in the manual was an offer for Disney tickets. I looked up the price for 7 day, hopper + Waterpark…Adult, it was 284. Thats a full $50 off the gate.

She can buy a limited # per year, but If we needed more we could order through friends. I would advise everyone who has some connection to various employee groups to look into the benefits package. There may be some savings tucked in there.


Way to go! How are you going to blow your savings? LOL… for us, it would be a splurge on a big dinner out, before fireworks!


Thats great! sometimes it pays to really look into employee benefits and you may get a great surprise (and saving) like this- well done!


Wow, that is a nice savings.


Now, that is a NICE benefit!!