Unexpected Trip


Hey everyone! DH and I did our taxes last week and instead of oweing money we are actually getting a rather large refund. Since we were not expecting this we were talking about what to do with the money and DH suggested I take a trip to the states this summer. My In-laws recently moved to Florida and we miss them (we haven’t seen them since DD was 3 months old and shes almost 13 months now). We looked at plane tickets and realized it is doable to send DD and me in late March through middle of May… So, I guess Im getting to go to Disney a little ealier than expected… Now, I have to plan.

Anyone have any tips for keeping a 14 month old busy for a 24 hour plane ride (its 23 hours actually with the layovers)? Has anyone flown through Detroit before? Thats where the layover will be from what flights Ive seen.

Thanks! Im really excited about this, especially since it means we will be going back to the states twice. I love it out here but its not home.


Wow! I have no traveling advice, but wanted to say Congrats on your “unexpected” trip.


Congratulations on your unexpected trip!!


dont shoot the messanger
benadryl works great!- our doctor recommended it for Nicky when we went to florida the first time because of his getting ear congestion and it was to prevent any congestion and reactions (we were also worried about how he seemed to react to peoples perfumes- it was nothing in the end) He slept the whole way- It is never bad to take that as an ear precaution anyhow! Just call your pedi for dosage


Whoohoo!!! A surprise trip…but oy vay…23 hour flight with a 13 month old! Holy cannoli!


I’m with woohoo…benadryl. But, be sure to try it out first! I had a friend who used it for their flight to Eastern Europe and it wired her little one! He only slept for about 2 hours of the 23 hour flight!


That’s great news! Does your little one nurse or take a pacifier? Their ears hurt during take off and landing sometimes, and nursing or sucking a pacifier helps.

does she have any favorite toys? if so, buy something similar, but keep it hidden until the trip. then she gets the special new favorite toy on the plane, or in the airport.

snacks. lots of snacks.

Have fun! how close to WDW are they? how much time do you get to spend there? do they know you are coming back in december? didn’t you say before that trip was a surprise?


I’m so happy for you!!! That is so great - it’s tough being away from family for so long.

The ride with your daughter will be tough. There’s probably no getting around that. Bring her favorite books and toys. Take lots of stretch breaks to give her a little change of scenery. Look out the window, play games. I’m grasping at straws here -it’s been a while since I’ve had a litte one (my baby is almost 10).

As for Detroit, as far as airports go it’s one of my least favorite, but I think it’s OK for a layover. I didn;t think signs (for security instructions and rental cars and such) were located in logical places, and it was really hard to find a place for coffee in the morning.


That is great… I agree with all of the above, Benedryl, fav toy, snacks (nothing makes a kid happier than food!)

Agh, long flight, but you’re right, will be nice to come home for a little, and a great time at DW too.


:laugh: I was just thinking the same thing but they don’t sell it out here. Ill give her a little dose of tylenol anyways just so that it helps with her ears. It mellows her out since she is sensitive to meds.

We are flying Northwest (most likely unless something changes) from Okinawa-Osaka-Detroit-Orlando… We will be going through customs in Detriot, do you know how it is there for customs?

Its the only part that Im not looking forward too. She was 5 months old coming out here so all she did was sit and sleep and eat (and eat, eat, eat, I swear thats all she does)…


Elyse still nurses all the time but Im not sure she will on a plane with all the people around since she gets distracted easily. Ill have to take her sippy cup and ask for water before we take off (I don’t know about how it will be through NW but the airline out here gives everyone water before taking off, weird Japanese thing).
Im bringing her two favorite toys and got her some new ones on the way. Ill probably bring her WDW book (I got her the WDW for kids) since she loves that book…

My In-laws are like 5 minutes from Disney. They tease my DH all the time. Unless tickets change before I buy them Im leaving here April 2 and returning May 28. DH and I decided to do this for his Mom cause she is having a real rough time right now (they just moved after having lived in NJ for 20 years to Florida since it was always a dream of theirs). We will still be going in December as long as I don’t get pregnant (they dont’ let you fly out here past like 6 months and they are really strict about it) or my DH doesn’t get deployed.


Thanks everyone for responding. Im really happy and its been a hard month on me. My MIL is going to flip when we show up we just have to figure out how to suprise her. I just found out that my SIL was planning on flying down for a visit and my BIL will be on leave at the same time so the house is going to be full… Poor Mom is going to have a heart attack since the only person she knows is coming is my BIL.

Does anyone know if Ill have to have a letter or anything to take DD with me? Someone said I might need a letter from my husband since I was taking her out of the country. Thanks again


Does the baby need a passport or birth certificate? I can’t remember what the new rules are.

Since the flight is long, it might be a trip you don’t get to repeat too soon, so be sure to take a zillion photos… enough to last until you can get back!


Congratulations, what a wonderful unexpected trip! no advice for keeping baby occupied- I did 9 hours with a 2 year old!! have a wonderful time.


Congrats on your unexpected trip, how great! :heart:

I don’t envy you taking a long flight like that with a 14 month old…:eek: I cold barely handle 3 hours to Alaska with my little one, but then again she is a handful all the time, and planes seem to rile her up even more.

I was definitely wishing I had brought a DVD player…I think that could end up being a savior for you!


Both actually, I have to have her birth certificiate to prove age (my DD is really large so a lot of people have a hard time believing she is under 2) and we both have to have passports. DH talked to legal yesterday and they suggested he do a notorized letter stating that I can take her out of the country so we don’t get held up in customs.

My DD is extremely active. She has never seat still for more than like 10 minutes unless she was either eating, falling asleep or strapped in her carseat (she knows carseat means trip and she loves going places)… Im going to take our DVD player and laptop with some of the Disney DVDs we have cause she will actually sit for a little bit and watch those. I got her some new books since she loves books, especially ones she hasn’t seen before. Im going to go pick up some of her favorite snacks (shes not allowed to have them most of the time cause they are chips but for trips I can make an exception) and Ill have to remember to pack her straw cup in my carry-on because she will only drink out of this one type of cup… Umm, What am I forgetting??
No one shoot me but Im getting her one of those backpack leashes for the airport. I normally don’t like those things but with Elyse loving to walk around by herself and having a tendency to take off without me I think it might be the only thing to keep her safe.


Yes, especially after a long flight from Osaka to Detroit… :ohmy:

The last thing you want to do is find yourself sidelined. :pinch:

So far, in my trade, it’s the airlines themselves requesting said documentation before you board. (Usually, because the airline is responsible for returning you if you are refused entry.) :ph34r:

Gotta love military JAG. :pirate:

Free legal advice! :happy:

What a country! :laugh:


I would hate to be delayed at customs specially since we are only getting an hour and 40 minutes for customs and get to our next flight… Being stranded at an airport with a baby is not my idea of fun. :pirate:

:laugh: I love legal assistance, its their opinion is if something could happen you might as well cover for it. Its not like you have to pay for it. We can get it notorized there for free… They were trying to convince my husband and me to make a will just in case something happens to both of us on the same day then someone can take care of our daughter… Which reminds me I got to go over there and sign it.

When we came out here they didn’t ask for anything before we flew… Just for our IDs. Luckily we had our passports and everything, that would have been a sticky situation if we didn’t.


Thanks! Id appreciate it… Knowledge is power. I didn’t realize coming over here that we had to go through customs in Tokyo not Okinawa. I didn’t have the paperwork filled out or anything. Now I know


i think you have a good plan! the dvd will help for sure!

as for the baby leash - (ducking) - i’d say if it makes you feel more comfortable, do it. i’ve never used one (dh would NEVER go for it), but have wished for one at one point or another! my only suggestion would be if, you do it, and have not used it before, try it out before your trip. you don’t know how she’ll react to it, and it’d be an awful time for a melt down over it!