Unexpected Trip!


I’m so excited… I was invited to go on a school trip to Disney with my son’s marketing class… one extra chaperone was needed and I was asked. I’ve decided to go down a day before the class with my son so he and I can spend an extra day in Disney. YAYYYYYYYYY!


Why can’t my kids’ schools ever have a field trip to Disney. I would love to have an excuse to take an extra trip and go down early. Who am I kidding, I would go down early and stay later…


Can you fake a car breakdown and stay for a few extra days??? Have fun!


Man! If all schools had field trips to Disney, kids would love going to school more! So lucky! :slight_smile: Enjoy the field trip!


No, we have to fly, BUT… I live in NH and we could have a snow storm and won’t be able to fly home. :slight_smile:


I actually am flying down a day early with my son and meeting the group there. So excited…


They went to Disneyland last year. I didn’t go. I really wanted to but teenage boys like to spread their wings with out mom. It almost killed me that now he has been to Disneyland and I never have been there. He reminds me ALL the time.


That is SO exciting! :happy:


I hope DD’s school does cool trips like that when she is older…this year we get to go to The Land of Makebelieve…I can hardly contain myself Welcome to the Land of Make Believe!