Check out Home Page of MousePlanet.com, your resource for all things Disney today to read a really interesting piece on unicorn attraction that was suppose to be a part of the AK Beastlie Kingdomme area that has never materialized.

Very neat.


Aww, that would be so neat! They need to get back to work on that!


It looks cool and all but it will atract (at least that is what i think)only kids ,adults probably will stay out including teenagers there is no thrils for them. I find it interesting and might be fun but i guess we will never know.


I think it would be awesome! One of my favorite movies is the Labrynth with David Bowie. This maze design is similar to some of the design aspects in the Labrynth. That would be cool. I would definitely tour that attracton!


That explains the unicorn that I’ve wondered about in the Animal Kingdom logo!


I meant the dragon…whoops. Typed before thinking. I knew it was some magical creature.