So my dear friend uninvited me from our disneyland trip because she was angry with me and invited her other dear friend I dont mean to post something thats probably more personalish than disneyish but i love DL and im trying not to be angry here! what should i say to my friend? any advice? send it my way.


any help anyone?


Hi and welcome to MB. I see from your profile you are 13. I know friendships can be hard especially as a teen. It is hard to give advice not really knowing you or the circumstances surrounding the argument - and wisely you did not say because this is really not the place. :mickey: I can say that I hope you get another opportunity to go to DL soon and that your friendship can be mended. :flowers:



Take a deep breath.

Disneyland isn’t going anywhere…

Just thank her for letting you know in advance that she is taking someone else.

If you say anything else, someone’s feelings will be hurt.

And Disney isn’t worth being miserable over…


Thank you for the help ill talk to her as soon as i get a chance and i guess your right disneyland will still be there :slight_smile:


thanks jk8


it seems like this isn’t all her fault. You said she was mad at you so there must be something you did to make her mad. I think that you should figure out why she is mad at you and then talk to her about it


your totally right its not all her fault i am at blame to i admit that thanks for your advice


good luck!


First, welcome to Mousebuzz! Second, I think you sound like someone mature beyond your years to recognize and admit you are at fault. And that speaks volumes for you.


well im definitely not happy with my self and sometimes i dont want to think im wrong that its all her fault but in the end i know its me too …so dont give me too much credit im still not completely in the right. but thank you :mickey:


UPDATE: last night after i got off of mouse buzz, my friend called me saying she had seen my post, we started the process of becoming-friends-again, and are now on speaking terms, WHO-RAY!


uninvited you? Go yourself then and take another friend…forget her.


That is good news!