Universal Crowds Help


We want to go to Universal, maybe tomorrow, but does anyone know where I can find a crowd level predictor similar to the one we have for WDW? Thanks.


I don’t know about a chart like they make for Disney, but there’s a good informational website for the parks called universal-excitement.com
Right now, the Uni parks are well attended for Mardi Gras days, which are really good!

This is from their site:

• What are the usual wait times to ride the attractions?

  • Depends on when you go. Here is a quick chart on average waits I have witnessed.

January – February 0 – 15 minute waits
March – August 20 – 90 minute waits
September – October 5 – 25 minute waits
November – December 0 – 30 minute waits

The least busiest months at Universal are January, September & November during these months the parks are basically dead.


I don’t have anything to add to this, I just wanted to say that even though it’s not WDW, we better get a TR!!! :pirate:


Thanks Ddoll :mickey:

Don’t worry, Victoria, I’ll definitely post one!:heart:


Universal? Never heard of it. :tongue: :laugh:



This is good to know since I’m going to Orlando in September. I love Disney and I know it’s blasphemy but I have to go to Universal. Too good to pass up.


Universal Studios? Isn’t that right inside Disney next to MGM Studios? (That’s a joke- ONLY KIDDING!) We’ve never been there, so Jenny, post pictures if you go!!! My little DS would love to go there. Don’t they have the shark from JAWS there? Have fun if you go!