Universal & Discovery Cove


Just wondering if anybody’s been to Discovery Cove and what they thought of it. Is it too cold in December to enjoy?

Universal Studios website has a Buy 2/Get 5 special. Five days for under $100!


I have never personally done Discovery Cove but two of my good friends did and loved it!!! They said it was worth every penny!!! I swam with Dolphins in Mexico and it was UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

I am not sure what to think about how cold it is tho!!! I know Dec is hard to predict in Florida!!!


I’ve never been to discovery cove, but i know a couple that got engaged there and they loved their time with the dolphins, especially when they brought over the special bouy that asked the question!!!


we do that on august 30 , its a surprise for my daughter birthday

R :mickey: NALD


We too had friends who went on 4th of July. They said the WDW parks were packed and decided to go. They said it was not busy and they loved it. We didn’t get a chance to go this last time, but will definately try to go next time.