Universal Fan Club?


I’m waiting to get punched for this one.

Just got an email at work :

The Universal Studio Fan Club allows its members discounted tickets to the Universal Studio Park, Universal Orlando hotel & restaurant discounts and more. City of Pensacola employees can be Universal Fan Club Members for free! For more information about the Fan Club, contact […].

Does anybody know what the Fan Club is? Anyone a part of it, know how it works, or what goes on? I’ve never heard of it! If I can join it for free… I’m all in! :cool:


Kippage, have you grown tired of fairytales and pixie dust? Do you need to take a REAL vacation? Are you sick of kissing princesses??

hehe, I am just kidding with. I used to visit IoA here and there when I lived in Florida.


Hey Victoria, I have a Fan Club membership. It’s great for discounts. I got a really good room rate with it at the Uni hotels. So good in fact, it doesn’t count towards your Loew’s points. They also have ticket discoutns. I know there’s a website somewhere with the details. Let me find it.


Here you go: http://www.universalfanclub.com/orlando/index.htm


So it’s a pretty good deal then? Especially getting it for free.

I might call up our Services people later on and see what they say.


Oh sure! What have you go to to lose? I had to get mine from my TA, but if you can get one at work, go for it!


Girrrrrrrrrl you’re brave! Thanks for posting I will check it out myself.


I am selling passes to the Boss Mouse fan club. Website information strickly screened. Privacy guaranteed.

Cheap, too.


If it ain’t free - it ain’t worth it.



How many times do I have to tell you Boss? I don’t care how cheap it is, I’m not going there to look at your underwear.


I have a Fan Club Card. Personally for us the AAA card does the smae thing as far as restaurant, shop and hotel discounts go. We actually got a better rate with AAA at the RAR last summer. As for the tickets, we did get a discount on the tickets by using the website on the back of the fanclub card. We couldn’t use AAA for ticket discounts, so it did save us some $. If it’s free, get it.


These parks – all of them, Disney included – are expensive. If you can find any way to get a discount on tickets, hotels, food, merchandise, it is a really good idea! Go for it Victoria!!!