Universal Meal Deal?


Has anyone done this? How was it?

1-Park/1-Day Meal Deal Ticket

Eat all day for one low price!
This ticket entitles you to one (1) day of unlimited trips through the food service lines at all participating Meal Deal locations at either Universal Studios Florida® OR Universal’s Islands of Adventure® (does not include dinner entrees from Universal’s CityWalk®).

Restrictions apply. Please see Additional Ticket Details for more information.

Want to drink all day too? Click here for information about the Sipper Cup Ticket.

This Meal Deal Ticket is valid on the following dates:

Month Valid Dates
June '07 27-29
July '07 No Dates Available
August '07 12-31
September '07 1-30
October '07 1-31
November '07 1-30
December '07 1-22

NOTE: Date selection is required before entering ticket quantity.

Additional Ticket Details Enter Ticket Quantity:

Adult (Ages 10 & Up) : $19.99 + tax

Child (Ages 9 & Under) : $9.99 + tax

Sipper Cup Ticket
Drink all day for one low price!
This ticket entitles you to one (1) day of unlimited soft drink fountain beverages at all participating Meal Deal locations at either Universal Studios Florida® OR Universal’s Islands of Adventure®. Restrictions apply*.

*Sipper Cup Ticket is only available when purchased in conjunction with a Meal Deal Ticket. Number of Sipper Cup Tickets can not exceed number of Meal Deal Tickets. Please see Additional Ticket Details for more information.

Additional Ticket Details Enter Ticket Quantity:
All Ages : $8.99 + tax


:heart: I did read that…can’t remember where, but I know I read it. ARe you heading there? Nice to see you on here BTW…it’s been to long. Hope all is well with you and your’s.:heart:


I have done this a couple of times when I went to Universal. I think it’s an awesome deal because we could just eat a little at a time over the course of the day. (We might have broke the rule and split it between two people, but oh well…) It was still really great and then we also got the mug and it was a lifesaver in the heat.

I would definitely recommend it especially if you like food…which is definitely me. :happy:


Hello Dana! We are planning a long trip in May and trying to decide if we want to see Universal at that time. I have another thread “Best way to see Universal?”. Trying to decide where to stay, how to get there, etc.

I have a thread in Chit Chat too “Hello Everyone” that explains all that has happened. It’s good to see you!:wub:


Thanks Ginger! It sounds like a good deal $20.00 a day for all you can eat but did not know if it was for good food or not.:confused:


We decided against doing this deal because we’re not huge fans of the counter service resturants there. We prefer to go to sit down at Uni. But we do use the drink refills.


We saw several signs for that while we were down there, but we honestly couldn’t figure it out. We weren’t sure if it was unlimited, get-all-you-want or if it was similar to DDP. If it was unlimited, then I would think that one person per party could just sign up and go through the lines a lot and bring back enough food for the entire family. There has to be some sort of limit, right? I mean… I could just see my dad taking advantage of that, spending all day going through the line getting food that he’s not going to eat and giving it away or something (he loves giving things away… he wanted to give away our room keys on the last day, but Rachel and I wouldn’t let him).


I can’t comment on the meal deal, haven’t used it. Regarding a place to stay, we stayed at the Hard Rock and loved it! Great room, great pool, and a quick walk US, IOA, and City Walk.


You walked over? Is it that close?


Oh yes, it’s super close. Unless the boat is sitting there waiting for you, it’s quicker to walk than ride. And the walk is quite pleasant.


Our feelings exactly. Counter service meals at Universal do not impress us. Sit down meals at City Walk (or one of the resort restaurants) are so much better.


If you are a non-stop eating machine or like a large quantity of food, the I would invest in the Meal Deal. However, the restaurants on the Meal Deal usually have the worst food in the park. Personally, I would spend the extra $ to go to the tastier restaurants on property. Besides, do you really want to eat large quanities of food before riding the thrill rides? :laugh:


I sure do not want to have to eat at the worst places in the park! :blow: That was the kind of information I was looking for. Thanks for the info! :flowers:


The meal deal is actually really great, but has some downfalls. You can use it I think from 11am til about an hour before the park closes. Its unlimited food all day!! But you only have 3 restaurants in each park and yes they are only counter service. When my DW and I went we got a 2 park meal deal, which is even better. You can eat unlimited meals at both parks and get a meal voucher for 1 restaurant at city walk. The food was honestly better than most of the wdw counter service. Even though you are limited to burgers, there are the food courts which offer international foodcourt fare. (ie. chinese, italian, etc.) The meal deal itself was about $20 per person when I went, so even if you only have a couple snacks its well worth it. I sometimes wish WDW had a plan like that, it was so convenient to just wear the wrist band and not have to worry about how many qs meals I used.


Gee, I wouldn’t have gone that far…I’m just not a fan of CS restaurants.

CS food = fast food in my book and I prefer the better stuff at a sit down.


I didn’t find the CS food at all bad. Eat at Circus McGircus. The pizza was pretty good… a little oily (I blotted), but good. And the deserts looked yummy. Only my dad doesn’t buy deserts. He’s a health nut. He also made sissy and I split the pizza, although there were only four slices. I ended up letting her eat three and then just mooching off of Dad’s fries.

But… I’m a picky eater, and I do just fine at counter service. Most kids do. I mean… it’s normal food - pizza, chicken fingers, spaghetti, hamburgers… good stuff.