Universal Offers Free Rental Cars


To compete with Disney’s ME program, Universal is offering free rental cars to customers who purchase their tickets on the internet:

Walt Disney World allows visitors to get free bus rides to and from Orlando International Airport and Disney hotels with its Magical Express program. Universal Orlando now is countering with rental cars.

Universal is offering deals that allow visitors to get free car rentals when they buy Universal ticket packages over the Internet. The packages start at $180 each for two people, with children 9 and under free. Packages also are available that include rental cars and hotels. The offer covers the three hotels at Universal Orlando, and nine outside hotels.

The offer began in April and is slated to run through August, but spokesman Tom Schroder said it would be re-evaluated and possibly continued.


Wow Universal is really doing everything they can to compete. They really have made it competitive with the ticket pricing and free days offer and the rental car sounds like great value. I like it!


I think they have a meal plan too??? They are really trying to toughen the competition, that’s okay with me!!!


We also considered changing to this package, but we don’t want the rental car and it would cost us $60 to park it anyway (unfortunately US resorts do charge hotel guests $10/day to park). I’d rather pay $95 to quicksilver and not have to worry about the car.