Universal Orlando - 1 Day - both parks?


Hi - I’ve been lurking here on Mousebuzz for years now, enjoying everyone’s trip reports and questions about my favorite place on earth. I find myself in a brand new predicament - having a son who really enjoys Harry Potter. Why oh why couldn’t Disney have worked something out with JK Rowling, then I wouldn’t have to learn a whole new place!

We have one day to spend in Orlando on our annual Florida vacation Nov 9 -16th DS (9) has requested we go to Univeral to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Here’s my dilema - should we buy the combined ticket (IOA and US) or just IOA? We are both roller coaster people, so some of the coasters at US sound interesting.


I would say it depends on the time of year you try to get both parks done. If you during a slower time of the year, then I think you can do it. And that week of November should be do-able.
Don’t be mistaken: Universal has some fabulous rides. If you are roller coaster fans, then you will be quite pleased. But if you have the time, try to soak in the scenery, and catch some of the shows too.

Of course, the only sure fire way to get to do everything in both parks is to stay at a Universal Resort and use their front of the line perc.


Welcome to Mousebuzz…I can’t help you with Universal—haven’t been there in 12+ years----but I am sure you will get some good advice here from those who have been recently. :happy:


Welcome to MouseBuzz. Sorry I can’t help you with this question, I too haven’t been to Universal in a very very long time.


We have thought about doing one day also.


First off, welcome to Mouse Buzz!!! As to your question, we did both parks in 1 day 3 years ago. Obviously, you will NOT do all attractions, but you can pick and choose what you want to do. Off season is easier than prime time in the summer. I hate to admit it, but Harry Potter was very impressive, and well worth doing. Also some very nice coasters. Good luck.


Welcome! We went to Universal last year and took 2 days (1 for each park). We did everything they had to offer and definitely didn’t need another day. I think you could get it done in 1 day as long as you don’t expect to do it all. Pick the things you really want to do beforehand. We also had the pass that gets you to the front of the line because we stayed at one of their resorts, so that helped. During a slow season, though, there are barely any lines at most attractions. We went in September and only had to use our pass on a few of the more popular rides.


For a first visit, no.
For a second visit, maybe.
For a third visit, yes.

It also helps greatly if you stay at one of Universal’s hotels, that way you have their room key/fast pass which gets you to the front of the line on almost every ride and attraction they have.