Universal Prize?


Hey, did any of you winners get your free park ticket from the Universal promotion yet?

I’m still waiting to see mine arrive, and I’m always afraid with the amount of junk mail that comes to our house that it will get inadvertently thrown out.


I got the email saying it would arrive in 6-8 weeks. I’m also worrying it’ll get thrown out in the mail!


I think I missed this…what was it?


During the Super Bowl, Universal aired a commercial in which the first 100,000 people to visit their site would win a FREE 7 day pass to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.


That’s pretty awesome! I didn’t see that one.


DH and I both won a free ticket.

And the best part is, DH now wants to return to FL just to use the ticket! Woo-hoo!


Congrats on winning!!! I hope you enjoy your ticket. We’re going to Universal next weekend (just Sissy and I)! Fun!


I won but I am still waiting also.


We are still waiting also.


Lucky you to win two-I didn’t think of putting a different address in when I filled out the form. I didn’t receive mine yet but I will post as soon as I do.


speaking of universal,has anyone gone on the simpsons ride yet?my 4 year old wants to go on with my 12 year old but I don’t think I will let her because I heard it is a little intense and I don’t want her to freak out.


We did it a few weeks ago. If you don’t like simulators, pass it by. (My dh hates them, but I made him go on). I don’t know if you did “Back to the Future”, but I think they’ve toned it down since then. As far as simulator rides go, it’s pretty darn good (I guess technology has improved). It was fun - I think it would be ok for a 4 year old that’s up for the wilder rides. The 12 year old will definitely like it.


We went on it in October during HHN. It was terrific! And I have to tell you, as much as I loved the kitsch of Back to the Future, it really was getting too rough for me. It seemed like every time I rode it it was just a little bit more extreme. I’m guessing that was a big reason why they changed it: the ride needed a refurb.

The Simpson’s was a blast, and my head didn’t hurt when I came off.


Has anyone received their pass yet? I’m still waiting…


I just got mine out of the mailbox!!


nope not yet. im still waiting.


i forgot… what kind of ticket was it? 1 day or 2?


I’m pretty sure it was a 7 Day Pass.

Universal is advertising a 7 Day Ticket being cheaper than 1 day at Disney. :closedeye


It is a 2 park ticket that expires 7 days after first use or 12/31/09.


Got it today! :smile: