Universal question


Some parks do evening only admission for a lower rate (for those who go in after something like 5pm.) Does Universal Islands of Adventure do that?
We are flying into Orlando about 1:30pm on Thursday, and will probably make it to the hotel around 3pm. We don’t want to waste a WDW hopper pass for just a few hours. We’re hoping IoA does something like that so we can go from maybe 5-9, just to ride The Hulk, Spider Man, and Dueling Dragons.


Your best bet is to look on their official site or maybe just call them directly. If you are getting in late afternoon to WDW, by the time you get to the resort, check in and unpack, it’s going to be dinner time. Why not just head to Downtown disney or the boarwalk (both free) and check it out. You could even grab dinner at either place and maybe call it an early night for your first full day at WDW. I am not trying to talk you out of Univeral or IOA, but I think that you would waste time and money getting there and would be totally bushed by the end of the day especially on you first day in. Consider DTD, or boarwalk or maybe a nice dinner and your resort’s pool for your first night.


I’m pretty sure they don’t.


We’er going for half a day it’s going to cost $63.00 each which is a few day pass but you can use it for either park you choose to go to at universal was able to buy them online as well


They have several options for Universal ticket media online, but I’ve never heard of a late day admission. You would have to call to inquire about that, but I have a feeling that’s a no.

If you think you may go back on another day, then getting a multiday ticket would be a good option. They have a good deal going on now.