Universal Resort...which one?


We are almost 100% sure we are going to Universal June 11th weekend. Trying to decided which of the three Lowe’s resorts to stay at. Hard Rock Resort, Portofino Bay, or Royal Pacific. We have stayed at the Royal Pacific once. Never been to the others. We got a great rate quote for Portofino…Hard Rock Resort was actually a little more. Both places have water slides from what I understand. Would love to hear from anyone that has been to one or both of these resorts…



I really don’t know anything about Universal Resorts - but if I had a choice - I think I’d take Portofino Bay. I just like the way it looks.


Sadly, I would have to agree with Llama…the Portofino Bay looks really good to me too.:pirate:


We stayed at Royal Pacific and liked it alot. We also got a good deal, like $100 a nt., you can’t beat that and front of the line access.


Where are you getting these great quotes from? We are staying there during the front part of our trip, first week of Augaust and given a price of 659.00 for two nights at HRH. We are looking at HRH because our two teenage boys love music.


just stay at the 1 you think will be good


I use My Magical Journeys to book my trips to Orlando. I use a travel agent named Terrisue. The quote she gave me for PBR was just under $260 for two nights. The rate for Hard Rock Resort was just under $280 for two nights. Those were AAA rates - room only. No tickets included.

I think I am leaning towards staying at the Hard Rock Resort. I think it is a little closer to the parks then Portofino Bay.


the hard rock is the best


I have stayed at both, hard rock and royal, both are nice if you don’t mind riding the boat from royal then save the money and just stay there. If being closer to universal is more your thing then do the hard rock. But you will like either one. And being able to have express pass the whole day is the best.


Do you get the express pass for every night you stay? For example…if you stay 2 nights do you get one for 2 days?


It is good for length of your say


Here’s the thing: there are boats that drive you back and forth from the hotels to the parks, so you don’t have to worry about walking if you’d rather not.
RPR is closer to IOA and HRH is closer to USF, with the PBR being just a little bit further past HRH.

The way the thotels were set up, RPR was the cheapest of the three, then came HRH, then came PBR as the most expensive. But really there were only $30 price increments between them, so it wasn’t like a value resort vs a deluxe. They are all deluxe, just different levels.

Both HRH and PBR have water slides and poolside service. The reason the prices switched around with HRH being highger than PBR is that Loew’s no longer owns HRH.

I have never stayed at PBR, but I have walked around to check it out. I still prefer HRH above the others. But it’s still a matter of taste and which surroundings and theme appeal to you the most. You won’t go wrong with any of them.


Thanks for the input on the three resorts. I just wanted to post that I did get an update from my travel agent and apparently there was a mistake in the rates I was given. She actually had been given the rates EXCLUDING the taxes. So the rates I posted are slightly off.

I think we are leaning towards staying at either the Hard Rock Resort or the Royal Pacific. We may have to move the time we go up a weekend due to a family gathering we will have to attend. So I am waiting to hear back for exact rates for that weekend. We are looking forward to the trip and hate that it is three months away!

Thanks again and I will post the rates TAX INCLUDED for anyone interested once I get them.


I’ve never stayed at any of them, but I remember a fellow employee I worked with who stayed at Hard Rock, who commented that after a while, it gave her a head ache because the music there was always blasting and was way too loud.


I’ve never been, but I can say that the Hard Rock Resort does sound pretty ROCKIN’!! BAH!:smiley:


The Portofino has the highest room rates followed by the Hard Rock and lowest is the Royal Pacific. (Or used to be)
For theming, nothing beats Portofino.
For location, nothing beats Hard Rock, you can almost roll into Universal Studios and IOA is a reasonable walk. From the other two, you’ll need to take resort launches to City Walk.
For dining, it might be a toss up with an edge going to Royal Pacific for Emeril’s Tchoup Chop.
If you want a room with a balcony, Portofino has a limited number of balconies, the others have none.

We usually lean toward Hard Rock.


I stayed at the Hard Rock a few years ago and loved it. Great rooms equivalent to a Disney deluxe resort, beautiful grounds, great pool, and a very easy walk to US and IOA. The Royal Pacific I felt was just ok. It is nothing like the Polynesian at Disney, and it is a convention resort too. We walked over to check it out, and there were lots of convention guest at the pool. The RP’s pool was small as well and not as nice as the HR.


I’ve never stayed at any of them before, but we will be staying at the HRH on our trip in September. Location and pool made my decision for me. I’m sure it will be fun no matter where you stay!


I don’t think I could handle that either. It’s fun for a while, but constantly.:pinch: (man I’m getting old!:blink:)


The music really wasn’t noticeable except for some of the public hallways, like by the elevators, restaurants, etc. But since all we did was walk by there, it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, it added to the whole theme.