Universal, SeaWorld raise parking fees


Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando both have raised parking fees from $9 to $10. You can count on WDW to soon follow suit, which will be even more reason to stay on site or have an annual pass.


SeaWorld’s parking sucks! They actually have a 2-tiered rate. You have to pay more to get a space closer to the gate. On our only trip there, we were the FIRST car into the parking lot that morning, and they made us park halfway to the back of the lot, because I didn’t pay the extra fee. :glare:


It about time. You SHOULD have to pay more for such a fine parking arrangement.

$10 is a bargin for having to then walk 8.7 miles to the park - 7.7 miles if you pay the preferred parking rate. :mad:

One more reason NOT to go to Universal.


One word LOL


Isn’t that 3 words? Laugh Out Loud? :huh:


I don’t mind the parking $, because there’s not much you can do about parking, and actually I don’t find it that far… if you use the Peoplemovers and then look around Citywalk… time goes by!


If you are staying at any of the "on site’ Disney resorts, they have a scheduled bus that takes you to Sea-World! This is how my family and I got there! You can get all the details at any front desk! :happy:


:eek: What? This is news to me. I take you mean one of the non-Disney owned resorts???


I’m thinking the same thing. I know a number of non-Disney hotels offer a free shuttle to and from Universal and Sea World, we’ve taken those number of times. Never heard of Disney doing it though. :huh:


I get so cranky having to pay to rent a stupid rectangle of concrete. :glare:


Let’s see-Nobody’s going to our parks (Universal Orlando or Hollywood)
-Nobody’s going to see our movies (United 93)
-Nobody’s watching our network (NBC)
We’ve gotta get money where we can!!!


No, one of the Disney owned resorts! :excl:

We stayed at the Contemporary Resort, and they had a daily bus that went to Sea World! Plus they also had one going to Universal every day! It wasn’t a Disney bus, but it was contracted out to Disney! And we didn’t pay either!
That might have been the Contemporary’s way of doing it, but at the service desk at the resort, I was told that they offer the complimentary shuttle service as a “Disney touch”, as she said!


What a bargain… :angry:


Wow! So it’s kind of like Pizza Hut letting you use their phone to order a Papa John’s pizza? :blink:


Mmmmm…yeah, pretty much! :wink:


Never seen that one. Worth checking out.


I wonder if the DTD Hilton would do that…hmm…