Universal Studios Hhn


I will bbe going to the MNSSHP this year.:mickey: But I am also going to the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights:eek: , and I would like to know who has gone to the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and what they thought of it. Thank You:smile:


Sorry I’ve never been to Halloween Horror Nights but Univeral is a lot of fun. Hopefully some others on the board can help you out.


Thanks DayDreamer. I hope so too.


Sorry I haven’t been either - I think I vaguely remember someone here who went and said it was WAAAAAYYYY scarier than MNSSHP. Really terrifiying and definitely not for little kids.

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Scared the you know what out of me:crying: . And I love horror movies and books. DH is not one for horror movies but he totally was Mr. Calm. I hung on my DH the entire time. I knew it was fake, I was trying to appreciate the theatrics and artistic part of it, But I was still scared at times. The transformation the park was really amazing. My kids (in 20’s) go every year.


I heard it was REALLY REALLY scary!!! :ohmy:


:eek: I also heard it was REALLY scary. :eek: My friend who has been before told me that some of the things were adult themed and perhaps not appropriate for children. My boys are 13,14 and 17 and I felt it was a little too much for the younger ones. Go check out their website for details and see what you think.

Halloween Horror Nights 2006


I also found these photos when I was researching it.

WARNING: PG13 viewing

Halloween Horror Nights 2005


It’s not my thing, buy my DS20 has been many times. He said it’s gone downhill the last couple years.
It’s definately not for the little ones! ( or the scardy cat older ones like me! )
It’s also VERY VERY crowded.


Those pics are amazing! They really do a fantastic job with their decore…pretty creepy. My DD would never make it…lol


My DS is just dying to go to this. He’s turning 12 this year, and we had hoped to take him for his 12 birthday. It’s not gonna happen this year though. Hopefully next year.


Thanks all of you. I will be sure to let you know what I think of it. I love horror movies and books but believe it or not my first time in any haunted houses was last year. So I really hope I don’t get too scared.:eek: Again thanks and I would love to hear more from anyone else.


OMG thank you for posting that!! That looks AWESOME! :ohmy:


Your welcome!! I don’t know where I found those, but they are some great photos of HHN and MNSSHP!


I wish I could go… But my parents aren’t exactly what you can call ‘fans’ of these things. :tongue:


im DEFFO going to this…gonna be terrified but il just have to brave it out hehe

tried to book my ticket last night but it wont accept a debit card, just credit and i havent got a credit card, boohoo


I heard it is really scary:crying:


I would go this year, but I have an 8 year old sister who does not enjoy these things. (Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the right family? :tongue: J/k, of course!)


I’ve chickened out like…4 years in a row.