Universal Studios Re-fillable Mugs


Just wondering if the re-fillable mugs are still the colors blue and red?

Appreciate any current updates!


Sorry can’t help personally but I am sure there will be someone who knows.


Why would you want to know that???
would it be to take your mug from last year!!
is that like trip on a dime:eek:


Oh no, another mug thread. This could get interesting!


Do you mean those long water bottles? They change them all the time.


From what I read on another board…is that you can reuse it. I have never reused mine other than on that trip. I don’t know if you know but the refills were 85 cents each as of last Oct. Also there was no charge for water refill.


We missed Potter this past March. Just thinking of taking the kids sometime this summer. May our may not take our cups. Thanks for the information!


we were there yesterday and the only ones i remember seeing were the red but there may have been blue too but there were definitely a ton of red ones!


Blue ones are the ones you get with the meal deal.


You can reuse them but you BETTER not jump lines or pool hop in their resorts.