Universal Survey


So I was popping around the Universal website, planning ahead for 2012. :laugh:

They asked me to take a survey, and since was one of those “take the survey and be eligible to win prizes” thing, I took it.

Has anyone done this?

I’m not sure what I thought of it. It seems like they’ve got a teeeensy bit of an inferiority complex… several questions were along the lines of, “Is our website as good as Disney’s? Please tell us it’s better!” :laugh:

But I also found it interesting that there were several questions asking, “Do you know we’re not associated with Disney?” and also “Does the website make it clear that this is NOT Disney?” (Which was actually hard to answer… because I guess it doesn’t make it clear if you don’t know… because it doesn’t SAY “this is not Disney”… but of course there is no mention of Disney anywhere on the website… that’s what I hate about surveys… you have to pick the best answer that may not be exactly right…)

I had to be kind of negative about the site in general… I was only interested in a few of the links… one of them wouldn’t load or would load to the wrong page. And overall, I found the site too busy. But I am OLD and I think that about most sites! :laugh: I just want my information, stop with the videos unless I ask for them.

Just wondering if anyone else had bothered with this, and what you thought?


Talk about surveys. I got an email from Disney Rewards yesterday to take a survey. I started it last night and still am not finished with it this morning. umpteen questions and the “progress meter” had barely filled. I finally gave up, seeing no end in sight.
I do have a life :laugh:


It seems everything you buy if you give them an e-mail address they send a survey. DD and I bought new cell phones last week and we had a survey from Buy Best!


I tend to take any and all surveys and I have taken the Universal one and I agree so many of the questions seem strange and almost like they were begging for positive feedback.


I did the Disney one the other day , took forever!


Andrea, I get those from time to time and I’ve always found them to be kinda fun. I can’t remember what it is called but I am a part of their Feedback Board or whatever. They do ask a lot of questions on how they compare to Disney but also how they can make things better. They have actually come up with some really creative ideas on parking and future City Walk plans. The Harry Potter surveys took forever because they asked so many detailed questions. I thought it was pretty cool to give the good, bad and ugly of their ideas.


What is this Universal you speak of?


Nope, haven’t done the survey, but…you reminded me that I want to do a bit of research for our 2011 trip. I so HAVE to see Harryland:) hehe


[QUOTE=Peppertink;1052439]What is this Universal you speak of?


Nope, haven’t done the survey, but…you reminded me that I want to do a bit of research for our 2011 trip. I so HAVE to see Harryland:) hehe[/QUOTE]

The main option missing from the survey, which would have summed everything up for me: “Stop bothering me with everything else, I’m really not interested in the rest of your park, but I MUST see Harry Potter!”


I kind of like to take surveys, too. I think it’s related to my liking jury duty: I like to tell people what to do. :laugh:

They asked about the Feedback Board, but I declined since I’ve never actually been to Universal!


You do realize that Daniel, in all his stubly beard glory, will not be there…right?:blink::laugh:


Of course he will… and he’ll be two years older.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


[QUOTE=Andrea;1052452]Of course he will… and he’ll be two years older.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:[/QUOTE]



I took the survey too. I like the would you classify your upcoming trip as a Universal trip and Orlando Trip or a Disney Trip. Hello I just told you my hotel was at Disney, but I like to think of my trip as a Yeah no cooking or housework trip if I had to classify it!


I gave up…:glare:


I took the Universal one too. I agree Andrea, they asked a lot of questions about Disney.

But I had some positive opinions about their new website. I think they did a really good job of tightening it up and making it easier to navigate.