Universal Ticket Deal


Hey, all! Anyone planning to go to Universal as part of their trip? Anyone going to be there for OVER a week?

If so, get to Costco ASAP!!! They have exclusive tickets, that are even better than the Universal advertised 7 consecutive day $87 plus tax offer per person.

Get this…$89.99 INCLUDING TAX, for 92 CONSECUTIVE DAYS of admission to both Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure!!! This price is for both children AND Adults.

I might just buck up for these for our August trip, since we will be there for 15 days! :laugh:


Wow that does sound like a very good deal!


Universal is cheap stuff compared to Disney.


WOW!! That is a smoking deal; too bad we don’t have a CostCo here.

We actually did the Universal deal on our trip in March. We had bought 4 tickets because DD was suppose to have brought a friend (and said friend was suppose to have paid us for the ticket…never saw a dime) so we still have 1 ticket left. I called Universal after we got home and they told me that since it has never been used, it will NEVER expire and I can use it anytime I come back.

Geez, if the CostCo tickets are like that…who wouldn’t want to snag those up just to have while they’re so cheap?


That stuff happens to me all of the time. My friends never pay me back. Only they don’t know that I’m adding up how much they owe me…


That is an awesome deal. They must have to maintain quotas and at one point figure anything is better than nothing…


Oh wow awesome deal! When you have those tickets in hand its hard to not use them. When I had my tickets last year I felt like it was a waste not to use them so I almost had to go. I thought to myself whoever thought of this free day deal was a genius.


Yeah, I know! Since I’m going for 2 weeks, we could technically go to Universal every day! But not sure I want to do that…:blink:


Awesome, AWESOME deal! I usually get an annual pass though every year…but still a great deal.


Yeah, Uni does ticket promos really well.

Congrats Kim on the super deal! I already have an AP, and we got 2 free park tickets for DH and DS on another promo, but I would scoop that up in a heartbeat if I could use it. We love Universal.


Maybe I should go, havent been since '04. I know I will be there when WWOHP opens.


We had week passes for price of 1 day - used it two days. Just not as much to do there. Plus parking is a royal pain in the butt. About 5 miles in to the parks then 25 miles back to the parking garage. :laugh:

It’s not WDW but worth a couple of days every so often.


Whoa! That’s so funny to me! My kids…all older boys…don’t even want to go to WDW anymore. They think of it as babyish. All they want is to spend their time in Uni riding the big rides. I think they are more geared to boys there with scary things, superheroes, monsters, etc. We have no problem filling a week at Universal between the rides, the shows and the resorts.

For my youngest DS’s birthday in October, all he wants is to spend the week at Uni and go to HHN as many times as he can. I’m bribing him to go to MGM one night just so I can run in the ToT race. :laugh: