Universal to open a ....?


I read in my local paper that they will
be opening a Simpsons ride. Anybody
know anything about that? spring of
08. comments? I thank you kindly


I know they took away Back to the Future to put it in. I am quite unhappy about that. I hate to see my beloved Michael J. Fox being replaced by a bunch of yellow cartoons.


:eek: NO WAAAAYYYYYY!!!:eek:

They can’t get rid of BTF, when i was there in may, they told me that BTF was up for a big re-vamp, not that they were taking it away.

This is not good, i mean the Simpsons is Good but “BacK To The Future>>>>” is a classic, next you will be telling me that the “COP” is going to be the new Incredibles ride…AS IF!!!


I feel the same way…I love BTF :sad:


BTF closed a few months ago. The ride is surrounded by a fence that has Simpson’s cartoons painted all over it. My assumption is that since they appear to be keeping a lot of the ride intact, that the Simpsons will be another simulator ride.


Nooo - DD and I HATED that ride. It was just way to rough for us.


They are def. opening a Kwik Mart but it is only a store, I got an email about it awhile ago.


Back to the Future is gone and has been for over a year now.
They are advertising a new Simpsons ride at Universal, which makes as much sense as Twilight Zone (a CBS Television production that ABC or Disney never had anything to do with) in a Disney Park. The Simpsons property is owned 100% by 20th Century Fox, which has nothing to do with NBC Universal.


It actually closed on March 30th 2007, but it is definitely gone for good. Glad I got to ride it one last time last December.
Apparently we will be treated to a ride through “Krusty Land”!! :blink:

And jenbarnwell, the Quik E Mart reference took me a minute to get!! :laugh:


igh! I don’t think that’ll be a great ride… couldn’t they have done something else? My dad will like it though


The deed has been done. The Simpsons ride is opening in Florida and Hollywood. If you want to ride Back to the Future, you need to travel to Universal Studios Japan.


We rode it in january too!

I thought it is a pretty cute name!!!:laugh:


I haven’t watched a Simpsons episode in years, but anyone remember “Itchy and Scratchy Land?” I’d pay to go to that park! :tongue:


The Simpson’s Ride opens May 17, 2008!

I will miss BTF ride, but I’m sure this will be fun too!
The height restriction is 40" - so we are happy our 4 year old can go on it…he would be mighty upset!!


I think we are the only family left in the world who have never ever even watched 1 minute of the Simpsons :ohmy:


Dopey Dear, I think you just squeaked by. They have made it part of the citizenship requirements now.


Shoot, I am not a citizen. This must be the reason. No sense applying for it now, I might as well renew my passport and stay a Kraut:pinch:


hahahahahaha!! You got me good! I made loud unladylike guffawing noises. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Something else to ponder, Debi, is that sometimes I am a Sauer Kraut :biggrin::laugh:


Nope us too!!! Never had an interest!!!:pinch: